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Domenico and Jenny Crolla

Domenico and Jenny Crolla

In the following interview, Domenico Crolla reveals his true inner pizza being. He explains how he first got into making pizza. His earliest pizza were done out of necessity. He needed to support his family.  He learned his craft so well he now creates the best pizza in Glasgow, Scotland. As a matter of face his pizza making skills have been honored throughout Europe as well as the United States.

Domenico and Albert

Domenico and Albert


This interview was recorded at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Domenico was relaxed and very forthcoming. He explained the Secret Behind his Casino Royale Pizza, the most expensive pizza in the World. The pizza was created for a charity event and sold on eBay. It raised over $4,000 for charity.

Casino Royale Pizza

Casino Royale Pizza

Domenico runs an Italian Restaurant in Glasgow known as Bella Napoli. He takes pride in the menu, serving food made with the finast ingredients. He also makes pizza. Lots of pizza. During on particular pizza adventure, he was contacted by the Arch-Bishop of Scotland. The Pope (yes that Pope..) was in town and he had a desire for a simple Marinara Pizza. Domenico crafted the pizza and a member of the Arch-Bishop’s staff delivered it to the Pope.

Domenico has also created a stir in the pizza community with his pizza art. These are hand crafted pizzas which are in the image of famous people. These pizzas are  so realistic that it would be easy to think these pizzas are created with Adobe Photoshop CS6.
The truth of the matter is these images were created totally freehand.

Pizza Art by Domenico

Pizza Art by Domenico

Here is the video:

You can listen or download the interview with Domenico Crolla, if you wish, by clicking below:



Domenico’s Pizza Art was just featured at the MSN Website, you can read the entire Pizza Art article here.


And if you are interested in Adobe Photoshop CS6, you can find it below:

Jonathan Goldsmith is a master pizzaiolo. That is a pizza master. Jonathan is humble explaining he is honored to be part of the guild of Pizza Makers.

Jonathan and Albert

Jonathan and Albert

He does not consider himself a pizza master. Rather he explains, he is still learning the craft. Using the analogy of apprenticing for a master painter, he explains he is only able to clean the brushes. He is not able to pick up a paintbrush…yet.

The truth of the matter is that he makes some of the Best Pizza in Chicago. He takes pride in every pizza he creates. Part of him goes into every pizza. He has the true spirit of pizza inside of him.

Jonathan journeys to Italy 3 or 4 times a year. He is serious about immersing himself into the culture. He lives the Italian culture. He is quite serious about the philosophy and love of pizza.

Jonathan shares the same love and passion of pizza shared by John Arena of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas. They both a diplomats of pizza. Showing their love of pizza through action.

According to Jonathan:

Recently my partner Ginny reminded me that approximately ten years ago the idea for Spacca Napoli was born, or rather, as she describes it, Cupid shot a pizza love arrow.

Jonathan Goldsmith makes a point of pizza!

Jonathan Goldsmith makes a point of pizza!

The following video interview was conducted at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Jonathan was candid and open in explaining his thoughts and ideas about pizza making.

Here is an audio of the interview of Johnathan Goldsmith .

Listen, or download this interview with Jonathan Goldsmith, to your computer:

Spacca Napoli

Spacca Napoli

You can find more about Spacca Napoli, here:

Spacca Napoli
1769 W. Sunnyside Chicago IL 60640
(773) 878-2420

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Joe Fugere has an unusual story. He knew he wanted to get into the food business, but he did not know which one. “Hmmm” he thought, “what are the most popular foods?”

He reasoned the two most popular dishes in america were burgers and pizza. He did not want to sell hamburgers, so he chose pizza. And pizza lovers everywhere are glad he decided to take that fork in the road.

Coming from an Italian family he always had the passion for Italian food. His Italain grandmother explained to him that to really experience food he needed to immerse himself in the food of her homeland.

Joe did his homework and fortunately for us he chose pizza. He decided to go to Naples and study with the master pizzailo. He learned the craft well and started to make incredible pizza. He chose t learn to make pizza from the Associzione Verace Pizza Napoletana. This group of pizza professionals adhere to very strict rules of pizza preparation and pizza making. Everything must be to exact standards. There is no room for deviation from the very strict rules. Joe learned his craft well.

Associzione Verace Pizza Napoletana

Tutta Bella Logo

Tutta Bella Logo

His pizzeria Tutta Bella has been an incredible success.

Listen to Joe as he expplains the secret to his success.

Here is a review of Tutta Bella from Pizza Therapy:


We had an awesome pie in a place we’ve been hearing about, Tutta Bella. It’s right around the corner from Walter’s place, which I’ve got for the summer.Wood fired, the read-out said 759 degrees F. They use double zero “OO” flour.

The crust is light as a feather and quickly attains a fluffy crispness in no time. Hand shaped, of course, and beautifully burned, the dough is mouthwatering when fire roasted and married with fresh juicy spices and toppings. All the toppings we had were fresh and tasty. 

You can listen or download the interview with Joe Fugere of Tutta Bella below:

Discover incredible pizza…

 Tutta Bella
4411 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 633-3800


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Giulio Adriani of Forcella , is a pizza master. He oozes pizza passion. His pizzerias in New York have been wildly successful. He loves sharing his pizza knowledge. He is a teacher as well as a master pizzaiolo.

Guliano Adriani of Forcella

Guliano Adriani of Forcella


He prides himself on trying new things. He was the first to bring fried pizza dough pizza called the “montanara”. This is a very unusual pizza concept.  As you know to introduce new tastes into the New York pizza scene comes with a certain amount of risk. However, the pizza became wildly popular and is one of the newest pizza concepts sought after in the New York.

He also opened the first Kosher Neapolitan Pizzeria in the World. This became very popular as well. In order to be Kosher certain guidelines must be followed. Guliano also makes his own cheese for his pizzerias. And this is necessary in order to make great taste as well as making sure everything is done properly and correctly.

He explains the reason for his success:

  1. Passion: you need to be passionate about what you do. This needs to shine through with every pizza you make.
  2. Attention to Detail: If you want to make great pizza, you need to be aware of all the details that go into every dish you create.
  3. Knowledge: A key ingredient to success. You have to know what you are doing.

Here is an interview with Giulio from Pizza Therapy:



Guiliano is willing to share all he knows and offers classes at his pizzerias.

485 Lorimer St.
11211 Brooklyn NY
(718) 388-8820

Forcella is an Italian pizzeria in Brooklyn dedicated to the art of making traditional Neapolitan pizza. Double certified pizza master Giulio Adriani creates an assortment of twenty different pizzas, as well as a variety of antipasti, insalate and housemade desserts.

Albert Grande and Giulio Adriani

Albert and Giulio


You can listen or download this interview with Giulio, below:

For more pizza passion check out:
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Or check out the Cooking Channel:

Here is an unbiased review the pizza show, Pizza Cuz.
Pizza Cuz is a show on the Cooking channel featuring Cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basile.

Sal and Francis grew up on Staten Island during the time when this remote borough of New York was very much the outskirts of the city. And during the course of the show you are given flashback and insights into how things were for the Cousins as they grew up.
These two cousins come from a pizza family, they’ve been in the business for a while. They also opened Artichoke Basille’s in Manhattan in 2008.

The basic story focuses on the two cousins traveling around the country try out different kinds of pizza. In the course of the show, you get to meet some extremely extra ordinary pizzaiolo.

Because Sal and Francis are pizza masters themselves, you get a great insight into how the pizza is made, what kind of special ingredients are included as well as how the pizza is cooked. Of course Sal and Francis personally sample each and every pizza as it comes out of the oven.

Yeah, these boys like to eat.

And they showcase the unusual, the bizarre and the downright out of the ordinary.
For example, in one show they traveled to Portland Oregon and meet with Brian Spangler of Apiza Scholls. Brian created a masterpiece Manila Clam pizza for the boys. The most unusual thing was the fact that these clams were placed on the pizza unshucked. As the pizza cooked the clams opened up.

Pizza Cuz

Pizza Cuz!

Another time they ventured to Greenwich Village and made mozzarella with Roberto Carporusio of Keste’s Pizzeria. Now needless to say Roberto makes incredible pizza however before he became a pizza master, he was a master cheese maker.
Sal and Francis jumped right in and stood shoulder to shoulder with Roberto helping him with his creations.

The question is: is this good television? Is this a worthwhile show? Should you be wasting your time with Sal and Francis?

And the answer is absolutely YES. This is a wonderful show for anyone who loves pizza. The stories are there, the insights are shared. And the pizza secrets are reveled. Pizza Therapy supports the Pizza Cuz concept and we say: thanks Sal and Francis!

The Pizza Cuz at Artichokes

The Pizza Cuz at Artichokes

You guy rock the pizza world! If there is one shortcoming about Pizza Cuz, is that it is only a 30 minute show. To really get more in depth coverage of pizza requires at least 60 minutes. So let’s get with the program, Cooking Channel. Make pizza lovers happy:: increase Pizza Cuz to a full hour!

You can listen to and download an audio of this review below:

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