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Maruca’s Tomato Pies: Amazing Pizza in New Jersey

Maruca's Tomato Pies from Legends of Pizza

Maruca's a legendary pizza on the New Jersey Shore

When you stumble upon your first Tomato Pie it’s like getting that first ripe Jersey tomato of the season! So elusive for the first few months of the growing season and then WHAM! You pick one and it’s THE ONE!

Same goes for Maruca’s Tomato Pies, or pizza, if that’s the only vernacular you use to describe this type of delicous food.

It’s a genre in pizza all it’s own, and rightfully so. You’ve heard of ‘Tomato Pie’, maybe, maybe not; certainly if you live in NJ you have.

On the other hand the Tomato Pie purveyours are a cult unto themselves as great as the Neopolitan Brick Oven cult’s are to it’s fans. Tucked away in places in the State like Trenton, Belmar, and Seaside Heights amongst others.

The fact that the places that are exclusively places that sell only Tomato Pies are few and far between is part of the allure of hunting one down. Worth seeking out is an understatement, once you’ve aquired a taste for great Tomato Pie there is only your conscience from keeping you from getting in a car and heading to one every chance you can
sneek away to one.

It’s the ‘Fight Club’ of pizzeria’s to me, elusive, but available for anyone who knows where the places are.

One thing you’ll immediately notice amongst most of the Tomato Pie shop Pizzaiolas is that they are pie purists (for the most part). They respect the ingredients as much as any other Pizzaiola worth their dough. The crust is hand formed then adorned with cheese in copious amounts, sauced with perfectly seasoned tomato sauce and slid into their oven for the bake.

When the Tomato Pie is extracted from the oven the magic begins to grasp your attention because it smells like the best pizza you’ll ever eat (it may ver,well be!). Something about the way the sauce gets cooked on top of the cheese, yet the sauce doesn’t overpower your taste buds.

Rather, the sauce enhances your pizza experience by highlighting the crisp crust underneath, and accents the cheese, which in it’s own right has pockets of crispy cheese and stretchy cheese all on the same pie!

The timid order a ‘trial slice’, unaware that they’ll soon be
wishing they had ordered a whole pie, as had happened to me.

Having been raised on a NY slice from venerable places like Joe’s on 6th Ave and pies from all of the classics like Totonno’s, Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s, etc I can tell you that your first bite of Tomato Pie is a Pizza Altering Experience! It’s not ‘like’ a NY Slice, it’s not anywhere near a Neopolitan Slice, it’s not similiar to any pizza type you’ve ever had in my experience, it’s it’s own unique style of Pizza and rightfully so.

Maruca’s Tomato Pies
1927 Promenade
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
(732) 793-0707

Albert’s side note: Maruca’s offers franchise opportunities as well.

If you are looking for the Best Pizza in New Jersey, go to Pizza Therapy.

End of Part 1

Submitted Eugene in Sandy Hook, NJ exclusively for Pizza Therapy and Legends of Pizza Readers

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On the Road for Pizza in Italy

Here is a story of twp brothers who have decided to travel to Italy in search of pizza perfection.

Brothers Thom and James are embarking on an epic 2000 mile “Pizza Pilgrimage” from the southernmost tip of Italy back to their home in London.

They will be tackling this journey at a top speed of 40mph in their newly acquired Piaggio Ape van (the 3 wheeled one) and therefore, Very much sticking to the back roads, they will be hunting down the best produce and techniques that go into making the ‘perfect pizza’.

They will then bring all this knowledge back to England to serve traditional Italian pizzas to the people of London.

I support this journey, This is a scared journey for pizza! What could be more spiritual than that. This is a spiritual quest….

albert grande
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Discover The Best Pizza in the World

Of course my old friend Peter Reinhart went on a similar journey…
American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza


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Tony Gemignani Interview at the Pizza Expo

Tony Gemignani is truly an amazing pizzaiolo.

In the following interview Tony discusses his newest pizza adventures.

Tony was extremely busy and tired at the Pizza Expo, in Las Vegas. He explains his recent pizza adventures. He has opened a number of very successful pizza restaurants in San Francisco. His latest project is Tony’s Pizzeria Napoletana.

He started with just one wood fired oven. He has now added a coal fired oven and is working on a gluten free concept.

Tony explains his respect for Pepe’s Pizzeria on Wooster Street  in New Haven. He has been a long time fan of New Haven Pizza.

In The Legends of Pizza Volume 2, Tony explained how his love of Italian Food changed his life:

Yeah, you know I grew up in Fremont, California on a farm actually.  My grandpa was a big Italian farmer.  We lived with our grandpa; a typical Italian family.  I never knew I was going to get into pizza.  Food was a big part of our life.

We were on apricot orchards, cherry orchards, and fava beans.  Italians call them horse beans.  I grew up around food all the time especially watching my mom cook.  That was a pretty big part of my life.  I always tell everybody about that.

Like if it had garlic in it, then it had a lot of garlic.  If it was spicy, it was really spicy.  In the taste of the kitchen, your taste really comes from someone usually and that came from my mom.


The following interview was done at the Pizza Expo, in Las Vegas:


Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
1570 Stockton Street
San Francisco

You can learn all of Tony’s secrets, here, Pizza: More than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
Pizza Therapy shows you The Best Pizza in the World


The Pizza Snobo Interview by Pizza Therapy

Pizza Snobo Interview from

Pizza Snobo Reviews pizza

Pizza Snobo is a pizza review site. They review all types of pizza the good, the bad and the not so good.

In the following interview, Al the creator of Pizza Snobo reveals all of his favorite pizzerias.

He explains:

  • What is behind the concept of Pizza Snobo
  • Why he decided to review pizza
  • Pizza Snobo’s unique pizza review rubric
  • The best pizzerias in New York
  • The best pizza in Washington D.C.
  • How health departments rate and review pizzerias
  • The pizza in Paris
  • How he decides what is good pizza
  • And so much, much more…..

This is truly a fascinating interview. You will discover the truth about great pizza. And what makes pizza not so great.

Pizza Snobo grew out of a great love and passion about pizza.

You can visit PizzaSnobo for more pizza reviews.

If you want to find more about The Best Pizza in the World visit Pizza Therapy.

Listen to the Pizza Snobo Interview, below:
(You may also download this interview for later listening. Look for link below player.)

Jonathan Goldsmith of Spacca Napoli Interview

Jonathan Goldsmith is a true Legend of Pizza.

He has pizza passion. He moved to Italy to learn to create authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

The result is his very famous pizzeria, Spacca Napoli:

According the their website:

The creation of Spacca Napoli ame out of Jon Goldsmith’s profound love for Italy, a cherished place that he, partner Ginny Sykes and daughter Sarah have considered a second home for many years.

One could say the dream was always there, waiting for the right moment to be born.

From Florence to the Gargano to Naples, creating the pizzeria came naturally, bringing together Jon’s passions for cooking and hospitality and melding them with his appreciation of all things Italian. The plan began to take shape on a flight to Italy in July 2004, following a casual suggestion to Jon from a fellow traveller who was from Naples that he ought to open a pizzeria in Chicago. On that trip, Jon began to talk about the pizzeria idea to his many Italian friends in Rodi Garganico (Rodiani).

 He was encouraged to go west for “true” pizza, to Naples — said to be the birthplace of pizza. As that summer drew to a close, Jon was determined to bring the essence of the Italian markets, the street life, and the abundance of Italy right back to Chicago.



Visit Spacca Napoli:

1769 W. Sunnyside, Chicago, IL 60640

• 773.878.2420


Jonathan exclusively uses Caputo:

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