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Artisan Bread Making with Peter Reinhart

This post is a review of Peter Reinhart’s Class:Artisan Bread Making

Peter Reinhart is a master bread maker. He is a James Beard Award Winner and an educator. He is a faculty member at Johnson and Wales Culinary School. Peter travels the World demonstrating his mastery of breads and pizza.  He has been featured at various events around the country. He has been featured at Google discussing bread. Check it out here: Peter Reinhart: “Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads” | Food at Google He has also been a presenter at Ted Talks. Here is Peter’s lecture.

Peter has come out with a course called Artisan Bread Making, which has changed the way I created bread as well as pizza. The techniques are easy and simple to master.

The course has changed the way I make bread as well as pizza. The simple step of using a small amount of olive oil when you knead you bread (and pizza) is nothing short of miraculous. A light bulb went off in my head when I discovered this simple yet effective bread technique..

In this video course Peter takes you step by step into the bread making process. The first part of the course is an introduction to the course. Peter introduces himself and talks about some of the concepts involved in bread making.  He starts by explaining the 12 steps of bread making. The first section is an introduction to Peter and his bread making philosophy. This is a great foundation for all that follows. .

Peter explains simply and completely how to create artisan bread. This goes for the professional as well as the home baker.. All his explanations are done in a simple step by step demonstration as well as a description of why you should do each step. He discusses baking tools that will help you master the art of bread making. He explains the critical importance of using a scale for bakers percent’s, and explains this is the most accurate method of getting consistency in your final product. The breads are amazing. Here is a video review of the class:

Check out Peter’s Course here: Artisan Bread Making

At Pizza Expo Get on The Pizza Bus with Scott Wiener

“It’s Scott’s Las Vegas Pizza Tour. You know, Scott. Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours in New York. This year he’s hosting a pizza tour of three incredible pizzerias in Las Vegas.”

“Yeah that’s the guy. Well this year at Pizza Expo he’s hosting an exclusive tour of three amazing pizzerias in Las Vegas. He’s featuring Pizza Rock, hosted by co-owner Tony Gemignani), Pizza Metro (hosted by Pizza Guy and co-owner John Arena) and 800 Degrees (hosted by c0-owner Anthony Carron).

Scott Wiener of Scott's New York Pizza Tours

Scott Wiener of Scott’s New York Pizza Tours

This will be an incredible tour for any pizzeria fan or owner who wants to get an inside look at three very successful pizzerias in Las Vegas. You will be able to get a behind the scenes look at what makes these master pizza makers a success. You will have plenty of time to get any question you may have answered. If you are going to Pizza Epo this is a must go to event!

You need to be a registered attendee at Pizza Expo to go. You’ll have a total pizza experience at all three locations. You can ask questions, and schmooze with some of the greatest pizza makers in the world…and between stops Scott will be hosting a pizza seminar on wheels! I can’t wait.
Bus departs the Las Vegas convention center on Tuesday March 28th at 5:30 sharp and lasts until 9:30. So for Scott’s guided pizza tour. You are either on the bus or off the bus…what are you going to do?”

“Thanks for the scoops Bongo. I’m going Pizza Expo. So I’m ready…How do I sign up”

Scott's Las Vegas Pizza Tour

Scott’s Las Vegas Pizza Tour





“Just to go the the website: pizza look for events and scroll down to Scott’s Pizza Tour… sign up there…”

Sign up at this link: Scott’s Las Vegas Pizza Tour