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Become A Pizza Champion Here

The following comes from Steve Lieber, Director of Operations United States Pizza Team.

Enter this contest:

"The competitions are Gluten Free Championship September 12 and the American Pizza Championship September 13, 2010."

Registration Criteria
You must be employed at a pizzeria, or have pizza on your menu at the time of competition.

Competition Criteria

  •  Competitor must bring own pre made dough, sauce, cheese and toppings for 2, 14-inch pizzas. On site refrigeration will be provided. (Contestants will have access to dough making equipment if necessary.
  • Oven testing will take place prior to first competition. Bring extra ingredients if you want to prove the ovens.
  • Dough trays and peels will be provided; competitor should bring any other needed tools.
  • The choice of pizza ingredients is strictly up to the discretion of the competitors.   There is no requirement that this pizza is on any existing menu but part of the judging criteria is that it be commercially viable.   Bring your best pie.
  • You must prepare and cook pizza in competition area.
  • Competitors will make 2 pizzas. They will decide which of the two will go to judges. The second will be given to audience for sampling.
  • Contestants must be at pre-competition briefing at 9 am September 5th.

Competitors must agree to judge criteria prior to competition. At the pre-competition briefing contestants must sign publicity waivers and rule agreement waiver.

  • All contestants will be assigned numbers and a drawing will determine order. Judges will be sequestered before drawing takes place.
  • This is a double blind taste test and numbers will be assigned to pizza in the order in which they are made.
  • All contestants must write and print a description of their pizza and provide recipe of ingredients and cooking instructions. This will be used during the judging of each pizza.
  • Contestants will remove finished pizza from oven and place on a pizza circle. At this time PMQ will take photos of chef with pizza, then the pizza will be taken to an area to have photos taken of the pizza itself.
  • The pizza will then be taken by a runner who will then take it to the judging area. Here the runner will read the description and recipe of the pizza.   The runner will then cut the pizza and allow each judge to choose a slice (piece).   The judges will grade the pizza, then the score sheets picked up, tallied, and held by head judge. The tables will then be cleared.
  • Contestants will give permission for PMQ to use photos and statements in any future media without obligation.

For more information:

For Additional Information Visit  or


Dom Demarco, Legend of Pizza

Dom Demarco is a true original. He is an old school pizzaiolo. He makes incredible pizza. He does it his way.

Here is what Adam said:

"The sauce, the crust, the toppings: … Dom Demarco" uses "the freshest and finest ingredients. He imports mozzarella di buffala from his hometown in Italy, makes a bright sauce daily from a mixture of fresh and canned San Marzano tomatoes, and balances ratios of crust, cheese, and sauce perfectly."


He makes his pizza because he loves his craft. He makes pizza from the heart.

From the Best Pizza in New York at Pizza Therapy,  comes the following:

"Pizza at Di Fara is so fresh and tasty. The dough is made with imported Italian flour, he uses not one but three cheeses (buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padana, and freshly-made sauce created from plum tomatoes and  he grows himself. The parmagion cheese is straight from the cheese grater and the basil is straight from the vine. It's great pizza, luscious cheeses, dripping with olive oil, and if you are lucky dotted with artichokes. The pie is fantastic: all ingredients are fresh, crust is thin and juicy! The biggest problem is finding parking space."


Here is video proof of his artistry:







The Reusable Pizza Box Interview

Billions of used pizza boxes pile up in landfills every year. Billions.

These pizza boxes cannot be composted due to grease.

Here's what William Betz told me:

Americans consume 3 billion, yes, 3 BILLION with a B, cardboard pizza boxes every year…in the 2 minutes you've spent reading this message…12,000 have been used…and they are NOT recyclable as they are contaminated with/ grease and foodstuffs…

There is a solution to the pizza box problem clogging our landfills. We can go green with our pizza. The answer is the hybrid pizza box. This innovation offers an alternative to just dumping used pizza boxes in the trash.

  Mike Sudia of  DMS Innovation is the inventor of the reusable pizza box.

Hybrid Pizza Box
The Hybrid Pizza Box

In the following interview, Mike explains how he came up with the concept of the reusable pizza box.

He also discusses:

  • Why he invented the hybrid pizza box
  • The 7 steps that cardboard boxes go through leaving a large carbon footprint
  • Why card board pizza boxes cannot be recycled or composted
  • How hybrid pizza box can be used over 1.000 times
  • How have consumers reacted to this pizza box
  • His first invention the "batting buddy"

Listen and/or download below:


If you are interested in the Reusable Pizza Box (The Hybrid Pizza Box), you can contact,

Mike Sudia at

DMS Innovation
416 Antelope Ridge Way     
City, State:  Danville,  California      94506 
Phone:  925-786-9054    Fax: 925-648-2402


pizza on earth,

Albert Grande

The Pizza Promoter



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