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How to Toss Pizza Dough With Tony Gemignani

My friend Tony Gemignani is a pizza master. He is an 8 time World Pizza Champion. He is an author, business man, Legend of Pizza, and all around good guy.

Without a doubt he knows how to toss pizza dough. more importantly, he is able to teach how to toss pizza. He has the ability to break down this seemingly complex task into small learning chunks.

the follwoing video illustrates for you how to hand toss pizza. Watch the video several times until you feel comfortable with the technique. Then go make some dough and learn how to toss your own pizza.

One of the best feautres is that Tony explains the art for both right handed and left handed pizza tossers.

Here is his greatest tips on tossing pizza:


Thanks, very much Tony.
You are the pizza master.

I want to encourage you to pick up Tony’s new book called “Tony and the Pizza Champions”.

You can get a copy right here:


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How Frank Pepe Started in the Pizza Buisness

In the following interview, Gary Bimonte, Frank Pepe’s granson explains how Frank got into the pizza business.

He started to make his pizza at a bakery where he worked. He began by selling the pizza’s from a “pizza hat”.

He would store the pizzas in a hat on top of his head and then he would walk around to local markets shouting: “Abeets, abeets”.

With the money he saved he puurchased a push cart. He then again saved all of his money and purchased the bakery where he once worked.

Listen as Gary explains the whole story of how Frank Pepe started in the pizza business:


If you are interested in the Pizza Business, you may want to check out this pizza business resource, The Pizza Business Papers.

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Wood Fired Oven at apizzo pizzeria

I’ve said this before about Stefan Ambrosch is the next super star of pizza. He is incredible.

He is a dedicated pizzaiolo. He creates his pizzas to perfection. His pizzas are awesome. These are memorable pizzas. The kinds of pizzas you can’t get out of your head.

The kind of pizzas you dream about. Incredible pizza. And makng these high quality pizzas is no accident.

Stefan has studies his craft. He makes his pizzas in a wood fired oven. Stefan’s pizzas are some of the best pizzas I have eaten.

In the following interview Stafan explains why he uses wood to make his pizza.


If you get a chance, visit apizzo.
They are located in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.
Here is their website: apizzo

Here is a great wood fired pizza oven resource:

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Saturday Night Pizza from

On any given Saturday you will find me in my kitchen making pizza. We know how  to make homemade pizza. We make a lot of pizza. We eat a lot of pizza. For this particular night on making pizza we made a number of different pizza including: a portuguese sausage pizza. Portuguese sausage is big in Hawaii. We also made a portobello mushroom pizza and an anchovy and tomato pizza. We had a great time.



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Chef Carl Oshinsky, Pizza Gourmet Interview

What Your Mother Never Taught You, The Pizza Gourmet Will

There is no doubt that Chef Carl Oshinsky was ahead of his time. Way ahead. Long before there was a Cooking Channel, Chef Carl, had a pizza show on PBS television. Unfortunately, he missed the wave. Now there are many shows that feature pizza, but Chef Carl was the first. His show featured his vision of pizza. He has a unique spin on the entire process.

In this interview, we discuss his uniqe spin on what makes pizza special. He discusses pizza stones and why you need them, to create excellent pizza.

As a matter of fact at one time, Chef Carl was in the business. He sold pizza stones all over the country. He is recognized as one of the true originals in the world of pizza. His toppings and pizza creations are really very much outside the usual pizza box. But that is what makes him special and unique. His pizzas are simple, yet elegant. His ingredients are the finest available. He knows what he likes. The most interesting part of the interview for me, was when he discussed his own pizza business.

He becomes a traveling minstrel of pizza. He is a hired gun of pizza. He comes to your house and sets up a temporary pizza shop. He give lots of tips and information about how this business could work for the right person.

This was a great interview and I know that you will find lots of useful tips, and tricks. Here is Chef Carl's website: The Pizza Gourmet. You can also find many different pizza tools available.

You can also get a copy of his book: What Your Mother Never Taught You, The Pizza Gourmet Will. Also be sure to check out all of the incredible recipes, videos and pizza information. His site is a gold mine of pizza knowledge. Let me know what you think…. pizza on earth, albert grande Make Pizza, Be Happy

How to Make Pizza Dough

If you like pizza, you can learn make your own pizza at home.

This video will show you easy step by step instructions how to make pizza dough from scratch.

Making pizza is not hard at all. you start with basci ingredients: flour, salt, yeast and water. That’s it.

I use a little olive oil in my dough as well as some sugar. You can easily omit the sugar and olive oil. as a matter of fact the last several times I have made dough I completely omitted the sugar.

The dough came out fine.

Whan you make dough, you turn simple ingredients into something incredible.

When you make pizza, you make magic.
Learn to make pizza and make magic in your kitchen.

Here is the video:





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You can also learn to create your own amazing pizza.
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