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Pizza Cuz Review, Food Channel Pizza Show Pizza Cuz

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Here is an unbiased review the pizza show, Pizza Cuz.
Pizza Cuz is a show on the Cooking channel featuring Cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basile.

Sal and Francis grew up on Staten Island during the time when this remote borough of New York was very much the outskirts of the city. And during the course of the show you are given flashback and insights into how things were for the Cousins as they grew up.
These two cousins come from a pizza family, they’ve been in the business for a while. They also opened Artichoke Basille’s in Manhattan in 2008.

The basic story focuses on the two cousins traveling around the country try out different kinds of pizza. In the course of the show, you get to meet some extremely extra ordinary pizzaiolo.

Because Sal and Francis are pizza masters themselves, you get a great insight into how the pizza is made, what kind of special ingredients are included as well as how the pizza is cooked. Of course Sal and Francis personally sample each and every pizza as it comes out of the oven.

Yeah, these boys like to eat.

And they showcase the unusual, the bizarre and the downright out of the ordinary.
For example, in one show they traveled to Portland Oregon and meet with Brian Spangler of Apiza Scholls. Brian created a masterpiece Manila Clam pizza for the boys. The most unusual thing was the fact that these clams were placed on the pizza unshucked. As the pizza cooked the clams opened up.

Pizza Cuz
Pizza Cuz!

Another time they ventured to Greenwich Village and made mozzarella with Roberto Carporusio of Keste’s Pizzeria. Now needless to say Roberto makes incredible pizza however before he became a pizza master, he was a master cheese maker.
Sal and Francis jumped right in and stood shoulder to shoulder with Roberto helping him with his creations.

The question is: is this good television? Is this a worthwhile show? Should you be wasting your time with Sal and Francis?

And the answer is absolutely YES. This is a wonderful show for anyone who loves pizza. The stories are there, the insights are shared. And the pizza secrets are reveled. Pizza Therapy supports the Pizza Cuz concept and we say: thanks Sal and Francis!

The Pizza Cuz at Artichokes
The Pizza Cuz at Artichokes

You guy rock the pizza world! If there is one shortcoming about Pizza Cuz, is that it is only a 30 minute show. To really get more in depth coverage of pizza requires at least 60 minutes. So let’s get with the program, Cooking Channel. Make pizza lovers happy:: increase Pizza Cuz to a full hour!

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