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Sicilian Style Pizza from Brooklyn


This is the type of Sicilian style pizza I grew up with.

You could get this only at certain Italian Bakeries and Pizzerias.

This is very different for the Neapolitan style pizza most people are used to.

This pizza is in a class all by itself.

The taste is incredilbe. The spices and suace add much to the flavor.

The follwoign video, gives yuo step by step instructions to create your own Sicilian style pizza




Now thats a pizza! And for more pizza resources, I recommend Pizza Today:

Chef Michael Gerard puts together a wonderful pizza in his test kitchen.

His Wildwood Pizza oven is the key. He shows how to form the dough and put on ingredients. Note also the unsual tool that he uese to turn the pizza.

The key to great pizza is to cook it quickly and completely. Chef Michael also gives you some hints on what to look for in the crust. You are looking for a brownish color in the crust.

Also of note is the pizza wheel that he uses to cut his pizza. It is an oversized wheel which makes cutting the pizza very easy.

Simply amazing pizza!


If you don’t own your own wood fired pizza oven, the next best thing is a pizza stone. I recommend this one right here:

pizzi on earth,

albert grande, the pizza promoter