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Jon F. Noted Pizzaiolo Tells His Secrets


Jon F. on the state of Pizza in New Haven, Italy and beyond!

Jon F.'s amazing pizza from


Jon F. has been around pizza his entire life. As a matter of fact member’s of his family owned an Italain Restaurant. It was not until he went away to college did his entire perspective of pizza change.  One of his friends took him to Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven and this event transformed his notion of pizza.

The first thing he noticed was the enourmous coal fired oven. “What manner of beast is this?” he wondered. As soon as he had his first taste of New Haven pizza, he realized, his total idea of pizza had changed, forever. He ended up going back again and again.

This taste of Pepe’s inspired him to go on a quest to discover incredible pizza. He started making his own pizza based on some of the pizza he tasted in his travels. He would eventually go to the West Coast of the United States and sample pizzas created by Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls. He was drawn to Italy to find some of the best pizza that country had to offer.  This is his story a story of pizza discovery.

I’m pleased to present to you a wonderful pizza interview. Noted pizza expert Jon F. shares all of his secrets including:

  • His take on what makes Pepe’s Pizza so special.
  • Inside information about  Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street 
  • The real secret to Pepe’s Pizza and Sally’s Apizza
  • Jon’s thoughts on Italian Pizza
  • The difference between Italian pizza and American Pizza
  • The Pizza of Portland
  • Apizza Scholls
  • Taste Bud
  • The most important thing you can do when you cook your own pizza.
  • more pizza tips and tricks.

Jon’s interview is informative, lively and interesting.

He is a pizza expert and he reveals many tips and tricks.

This interview is sponsored by The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.



Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

I love eating pizza. I love making pizza. I love promotng pizza.


Here is a video of making pizza at Paul S.'s woodfired oven on the North Shore of Oahu.

This was real North Shore Pizza…







Antony Mangieri: Pizza Perfection

Simply an amazing video about one of the most dedicatied pizzaiolo on the planet, Antony Mangieri. He drips pizza passion.

According to Chow, here is a description

An oven built by hand, tile by tile. Four pizzas on the menu, with no fancy-pants toppings. Anthony Mangieri does one thing at Una Pizza Napoletana, and he does it the very best way he can.










Anthony has now closed Una Pizz Napoletana. He will taking a break, but he will be making pizza soon.

Not soon enough as fas as Im concerned. Everyone who is interested in making pizza would do well to emulate Anthony.

pizza on earth,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter

Legends of Pizza: Volume 1 and 2

What can you learn from the Masters of Pizza?…

The Legends of Pizza Project is a series of interviews with the most influential pizzaioli (pizza masters) on the planet.

  • You will learn as Peter Reinhart explodes the myth of high gluten flour.

  • You will be astounded as Peter Reinhart reveals who really created
    Wolfgang Puck's Pizzas and the California Pizza Kitchen Menu

  • You will listen as Gary Bimonte (Pepe's) discusses for the first time:
    "The Birth of the Clam Pie!"

  • You will discover the true story of Frank Pepe

  • You can find out the biggest change at Pepe's in over 80 years!

  • You will be engaged as Chris Bianco explains his pizza philosophy

  • Chris Bianco will infect you with his pizza passion

  • You will find out Chris Bianco's future plans

and so much more…

 Here's what Ed LaDou said of Legends of Pizza:

"I received the Legends of Pizza CD, and listened to it in my car as I drove to work and back this afternoon. … Brian and Tony's interviews were great …They bothhad a lot of helpful and insightful things to say about the pizza craft…. my interview came out well. … I am very grateful I came out sounding like I knew a few things about pizza. You did a fantastic job on the CD and I couldn't be more pleased."
Ed LaDou on the
Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 ®


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Get the transcripts of the recordings, here:


 Legends of Pizza E-Book

 Here's what noted Pizzaiolo jon F. had to say about The Legends of Pizza. Click below:

Albert Grande Interview of the BBC Chile

I was recently interviewed by the BBC in Chile.

They were interested in Pizza Therapy. They wanted to konw how it started and why I loved pizza.

Thank you BBC, Chile. I appreciate the opportunity to share my passion for pizza. Thanks for allowing me to explain Pizza Therapy.

during the initial interview, everything I said was translated into spanish. Both the questions and the answers.

This interview does not contain any of the tranlations.