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Una Pizza Napoletana Closes, for Now

Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza, Napoletana.







Famed Pizzaiolo Anthony Mangeri on right.

The pizza world is in a state of shock: Una Pizza Napoletana has closed. There has been much speculation as to why.

Famed pizzaiolo and Legend of Pizza, Anthony Mangieri, recently explained at his website:


Thank you to everyone who has supported us over all these years.

I’ve closed Una Pizza Napoletana in Manhattan and am taking some time off.

After some time away, I’ll decide where Una Pizza Napoletana will re-open.

Stay tuned friends.

Anthony Mangieri”

Adam Kuban od Slice  asked Mangieri directly.  Here is his response:

“I’ve been working making bread and pizza, first in Jersey, then in New York City, since 1993, and though I loved doing both things in both places, I am going to take a little break,” Mangieri said. “I’m scared and excited all at the same time. I know a lot of people think I’m crazy and stupid for doing this now. But it kind of makes sense for me at this moment.”

You can read a review of Una Pizza Napoletana at the Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog.

The New York Times reported the closing, calling Una Pizza, the most meticulous pizzeria in New York. Here is the story.


Thanks so much, Anthony. We all wish you luck in your next pizza adventure.

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Pizza Therapy


From apizzo Pizzeria Napoletana, Pawcatuck, CT. Incredible pizza, wonderful ambiance, wood fired oven. This pizzeria rocks! Stefan and his brothers are an amazing pizza family. Produced by Pizza Therapy .  Go to Pawcatuck and see one of the rising Super Stars of pizza. Stefan is an amazing pizzaiolo. Tell him Pizza Therapy sent you…

Here is an incredible fact about Stefan: he’s been making pizza for less than 3 years. He has mastered the art of pizza in a very short time. I predict that with time his pizza will just get better and better.

He is the next super-star of pizza. He has passion, he has heart. He shares this passion in every pizza he creates.

Visit apizzo, you will not be disappointed, at all.


pizza in pawcatuck,

albert grande
Make Pizza Be Happy


The Legends of Pizza Volume 3 is a series of interviews done with master pizzaiolo, Evelyn Sloman. These interviews contain a wealth of knowledge, pizza history and pizza passion.

 Evelyn learned to make pizza while growing up in New York. The Tontonno’s and Lombardi’s operated legendary Pizzerias in New York and Evelyn was able to learn from these masters.

You will discover Evelyn’s insights and secrets about pizza including:

  • A review of the Lombardi Method
  • How the master used measurement for their pizza
  • The Artisan Bread movement and pizza
  • The importance of fermentation in pizza
  • How Evelyn learned to rule the dough
  • The one key ingredient for pizza
  • High gluten or not high gluten flour…
  • The use of flour in pizza
  • The best tomatoes to use for pizza
  • Why Evelyn’s recipe gets better and better

Thank you so much Evelyn for this incredible knowledge.

This episode of Legends of Pizza, Volume 3, is brought to you by the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.

 Make pizza Be Happy,


Listen Below:
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 Sc0tt of Scott’s Tours explains where pizza was first made in the U.S.

Scott begins his tour from the exact spot of Lombardi’s Pizza on Spring Street. Scott shares all he knows about pizza on this tour.

And the guy knows a lot. He has done his homework. He explains that he researched the Ellis Island records of Gennaro Lombardi.

This video is part of the The Pizza Therapy East Coast Pizza Tour 2009.


The Birth of Pepe’s Clam Pie

Gary Bimonte, co-owner of Pepe’s and grandson of Frank Pepe, relates the story of how the clam pizza was invented.

This is the origianl clam pizza. While other pizzerias may serve a clam pizza, there is no comparison.

The clam pizza is often imitated but never duplicated. Incredible in it’s taste and and simplicity.




Thank you Frank Pepe. Thank you Gary.

pizza on earth, and all over New Haven,


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