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On the Road for Pizza in Italy

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Here is a story of twp brothers who have decided to travel to Italy in search of pizza perfection.

Brothers Thom and James are embarking on an epic 2000 mile “Pizza Pilgrimage” from the southernmost tip of Italy back to their home in London.

They will be tackling this journey at a top speed of 40mph in their newly acquired Piaggio Ape van (the 3 wheeled one) and therefore, Very much sticking to the back roads, they will be hunting down the best produce and techniques that go into making the ‘perfect pizza’.

They will then bring all this knowledge back to England to serve traditional Italian pizzas to the people of London.

I support this journey, This is a scared journey for pizza! What could be more spiritual than that. This is a spiritual quest….

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Of course my old friend Peter Reinhart went on a similar journey…
American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza

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