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The Pizza Snobo Interview by Pizza Therapy

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Pizza Snobo Interview from pizzatherapy.com
Pizza Snobo Reviews pizza

Pizza Snobo is a pizza review site. They review all types of pizza the good, the bad and the not so good.

In the following interview, Al the creator of Pizza Snobo reveals all of his favorite pizzerias.

He explains:

  • What is behind the concept of Pizza Snobo
  • Why he decided to review pizza
  • Pizza Snobo’s unique pizza review rubric
  • The best pizzerias in New York
  • The best pizza in Washington D.C.
  • How health departments rate and review pizzerias
  • The pizza in Paris
  • How he decides what is good pizza
  • And so much, much more…..

This is truly a fascinating interview. You will discover the truth about great pizza. And what makes pizza not so great.

Pizza Snobo grew out of a great love and passion about pizza.

You can visit PizzaSnobo for more pizza reviews.

If you want to find more about The Best Pizza in the World visit Pizza Therapy.

Listen to the Pizza Snobo Interview, below:
(You may also download this interview for later listening. Look for link below player.)

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