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Jon F. Noted Pizzaiolo Tells His Secrets

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Jon F. on the state of Pizza in New Haven, Italy and beyond!

Jon F.'s amazing pizza from pizzatherapy.com


Jon F. has been around pizza his entire life. As a matter of fact member’s of his family owned an Italain Restaurant. It was not until he went away to college did his entire perspective of pizza change.  One of his friends took him to Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven and this event transformed his notion of pizza.

The first thing he noticed was the enourmous coal fired oven. “What manner of beast is this?” he wondered. As soon as he had his first taste of New Haven pizza, he realized, his total idea of pizza had changed, forever. He ended up going back again and again.

This taste of Pepe’s inspired him to go on a quest to discover incredible pizza. He started making his own pizza based on some of the pizza he tasted in his travels. He would eventually go to the West Coast of the United States and sample pizzas created by Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls. He was drawn to Italy to find some of the best pizza that country had to offer.  This is his story a story of pizza discovery.

I’m pleased to present to you a wonderful pizza interview. Noted pizza expert Jon F. shares all of his secrets including:

  • His take on what makes Pepe’s Pizza so special.
  • Inside information about  Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street 
  • The real secret to Pepe’s Pizza and Sally’s Apizza
  • Jon’s thoughts on Italian Pizza
  • The difference between Italian pizza and American Pizza
  • The Pizza of Portland
  • Apizza Scholls
  • Taste Bud
  • The most important thing you can do when you cook your own pizza.
  • more pizza tips and tricks.

Jon’s interview is informative, lively and interesting.

He is a pizza expert and he reveals many tips and tricks.

This interview is sponsored by The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.



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  • avatar image
    RickM January 18, 2010

    Excellent interview, Albert and Jon.  Thanks for the tips for the home pizzaiolo.  Do you guys have any preference in home ovens -- gas vs. electric?  Howz about convection oven? Other West Coast suggestions -- Marzano's on Park Boulevard in Oakland and Pyzano's in Castro Valley, near Oakland (run by Tony Gemignani and his brother; Tony recently opened another place in San Francisco's North Beach district, Tony's Pizza Napoletana.) As for Italy, don't miss, in Sorrento, a little place on a side street called Pizza da Gigino.  I have pics of a visit there. Avanti, amici.

  • avatar image
    Glendale January 19, 2010

    Great tips, sounds more like a conference which is around thirty minutes or more, my schedule at this time only allowed ten minutes however I will listen again and allow myself more time to listen around thirty minutes to an hour.  Speaking about the making the dough was more important to me where can one order Pizza Dough.  I would like to purchase Pizza Therapy Book though it is difficult for me to purchase thourgh Pay Pal; is there another method in purchasing your book Mr. Grande.  ThanK You.

  • avatar image
    pizzatherapy February 4, 2010

    Thanks so much Rick for your great comments.

    No, I honestly don't have a preference to gas or electric. To me it is whatever gets the job done. That is to say: however you can get your oven hot, hot hot! That is the key to great pizza.

    thanks, Glendale for your great comments. I will accept any method of payment for The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book. http://legendsofpizza.com/pizzabook

    Just email me at: albert@pizzatherapy.com, and I will give you instructions.

    pizza on earth,


  • avatar image
    David March 14, 2010

    Albert, Thank you for making all this history and knowledge available.  When one makes pizza, baked goods for others, you heart and face are put in the end results. Your interviews help to bring this to a new level. David

  • avatar image
    David March 14, 2010

      Albert, Thank you for making all this history and knowledge available.  When one makes pizza, baked goods for others, your heart and face are put in the end results to share with others. Your interviews help to bring this to a new level. David

  • avatar image
    rae February 21, 2011

    Totally enjoyed the interview, and laughed about the customers who thought their pizza should be totally round. Also, I grew up on my grandmother's pizza and I agree less is more-- she kept toppings to a minimum. I've also eaten pizza in Rome, Naples, and near Pisa-- toppings are the "jewelry" to the pizza.

  • avatar image
    Adam May 29, 2012

    Superb tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • avatar image
    pizzatherapy May 29, 2012

    Thanks so much Adam. There is a link on the player so you can download the interview for listening at a later time. Jon F. is an amazing person! A wonderful pizzaiolo.