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The Reusable Pizza Box Interview

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Billions of used pizza boxes pile up in landfills every year. Billions.

These pizza boxes cannot be composted due to grease.

Here's what William Betz told me:

Americans consume 3 billion, yes, 3 BILLION with a B, cardboard pizza boxes every year…in the 2 minutes you've spent reading this message…12,000 have been used…and they are NOT recyclable as they are contaminated with/ grease and foodstuffs…

There is a solution to the pizza box problem clogging our landfills. We can go green with our pizza. The answer is the hybrid pizza box. This innovation offers an alternative to just dumping used pizza boxes in the trash.

  Mike Sudia of  DMS Innovation is the inventor of the reusable pizza box.

Hybrid Pizza Box
The Hybrid Pizza Box

In the following interview, Mike explains how he came up with the concept of the reusable pizza box.

He also discusses:

  • Why he invented the hybrid pizza box
  • The 7 steps that cardboard boxes go through leaving a large carbon footprint
  • Why card board pizza boxes cannot be recycled or composted
  • How hybrid pizza box can be used over 1.000 times
  • How have consumers reacted to this pizza box
  • His first invention the "batting buddy"

Listen and/or download below:


If you are interested in the Reusable Pizza Box (The Hybrid Pizza Box), you can contact,

Mike Sudia at

DMS Innovation
416 Antelope Ridge Way     
City, State:  Danville,  California      94506 
Phone:  925-786-9054    Fax: 925-648-2402

Website: http://dmsinnovation.com/

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    Michael S. Weiner July 13, 2010

    Great interview and great product.  Hope you sell 3 billion.

  • avatar image
    HarryDen October 28, 2010

    Great Idea! This is an Eco-friendly product  so it is friendly to every one in the world. As we know that the Pizza is the common food in the whole world and it is used in all over the world. So to make a product like this is a good achievement and the pizza delivery should be banned if it is not use Hybrid pizza box.