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Giulio Adriani of Forcella in New York Reveals Pizza Secrets

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Giulio Adriani is a master pizza maker. He shares his knowledge freely about how to create incredible pizza. He opened his pizza restaurant  Forcella in New York, to rave reviews. He featured an unusual version of pizza to New York: the fried pizza. This pizza was such a big hit, he opened two more pizzerias. In addition to his Park Avenue location he now has pizzerias in the Bowery and Williamsburg. He is an incredible pizza talent.

Albert Grande amd Guilio Adriani
Albert Grande amd Giulio Adriani

I was fortunate to catch Giulio at Pizza Expo. He was at the Caputo Flour Booth furiously making pizza. He has a strong connection to the other master pizzaioli, including Roberto Caporuscio of Don Antonio by Starita and Jonathan Goldmsith of Spaca Napoli. He shares some of his philosophy about pizza in the interview. Pizza is a universal food. Pizza is an easy going food. You can find a business man with a tie sitting next to a construction worker. It is truly a social food, that cuts across all cultural and economic fields.

Giulio says “Pizza is the only food you can find all over the world.” And this is true as anyone who travels can attest. He further states that pizza is totally a balanced food. Nutritionally it is very balanced between protein carbohydrates and fat. He also teaches individual classes at Forcella. He loves to share his knowledge about making pizza. You can discover more pizza secrets in the following interview.


” Pizza is a social food…” Giulio explains.


Guiliano Adriani and Mark Dym of Marco's Coal Fired
Giulio Adriani and Mark Dym of Marco’s Coal Fired

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    San Diego pizza shop July 14, 2014

    What an amazing article! I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I work at a San Diego pizza shop and we like to specialize in New York style. I agree that pizza has become something more than simply a food item. Loving your blog. Keep up all the good work!

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