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Pizza Games 2014 at Pizza Expo, Let’s Party!

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Everyone is getting ready for the World Pizza Games at Pizza Expo….

2014 Schedule of Events:
The Daily Schedule of Events
Tentative Schedule – it may change

Tuesday, March 25th
10:45am: Fastest Dough Trials
11:45am: Fastest Dough Finals
12:00pm: First Division Acrobatic
2:00pm: First Division Acrobatic Finalists Announced
2:15pm: Fastest Box Folding
2:45pm: Fastest Box Folding Finals

Wednesday, March 26th
10:30am: Pizza Triathlon Trials
11:15am: Pizza Triathlon Finals
11:30am: Largest Dough Trials
3:00pm: Largest Dough Finals
6:30pm: World Pizza Games Rocking Finals Party!

For more information, go to:

Pizza Expo at

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