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Learn How to Cook Authentic Italian Food

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True story:
When I was a kid, I would watch my Italian grandmother's cook. They were wizards in the kitchen.
The never measured anything. They never used a recipe. But everything they made came out perfect.
I asked them a number of times to tell me their secrets… sadly I only learned one recipe, spaghetti sauce.
They both laughed when I asked them food related questions.
They could easily tell me what went into each dish.
But, they explained, they could not tell me the exact amounts.
They were not sure.
They did not know themselves.
They had never written anything down.
It was all permanently etched in their soul.
And that's how they cooked, from their soul.
My grandmothers created soul food. Italian soul food.
You can discover my grandmother's secrets, here:
They both gave me the following cooking advice:
"Put in a little bit of this and a little bit of that".

I told them I had no idea what they meant.

"Put in enough spice until it tastes right," they explained.
I always remembered what they said. I just wish there was a way for me to learn how they made their food taste the way they did.
I thought all of my grandmothers recipes had been lost.
Until now…
I recently discovered a resource which was like stepping back in time.
Picture yourself, having a priceless road map which shows you how to make
all of those old recipes of real Italian food with easy step by step directions.
I want to offer you an opportunity to discover this amazing resouce.
I edtied it, added some to it and renamed it.
I call it:  The Happy Italian Cook Book Becuse that's how my
grandmothers were when they cooked.
They were happy when they cooked. And you were happy when you ate their food…
And you always ate..Or else!
Here is where you can take a peek:
You can be cooking like my grandmothers cooked, immediately!
At that page you will read the story of how I learned to cook like my grandmothers.
I never did. Until now….
And you can have the same secrets that I have…
You can listen to a tale of Grandma Grande's cooking, here:
You can learn to cook like Grandma Grande,

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    Chef Emanuel April 15, 2011

    There is NO such thing as Italian Soul Food. "Soul Food is American Food in it's purest form". It was created by African American's right here in America over 400 years ago. Some endeavor to proxy rhetoric for Real American History. You may want to refurbish your language! "History never lies, people lie on History"!

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    pizzatherapy April 18, 2011

    Chef Emanuel, you are 100% correct. "Soul Food" is American Food, created by African American's. Please understand, there is no disrespect intended or implied. I am not attempting to re-write history. Chef, I also commend and salute you for your knowledge and wisdom on the subject. As a matter of fact, your cookbook, Soul Food 10.0 The Next Generation of Soul Food, looks incredible. The recipes contained look amazing. (FYI: You can find Chef Emanuel's cookbook at his website, click here) With all due respect Chef, I created the term "Italian Soul Food" to mean cooking from the heart and soul. I watched both my Italian grandmothers cook with their heart and soul with every meal they created. Both were immigrants from Italy. Both lived in America during the Depression. Their food was carefully crafted with love for their families and friends. I watched and experienced as they cooked with their heart and soul. I created the term "Pizza Therapy", to mean eating and making pizza as a way to bring people together while eating pizza. The word "Italian Soul Food" is meant to convey Italian cooking with your heart and soul. I do not intend to re-write history, but to honor history. For now we'll have to agree to disagree. Thank you so much for your comments.