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In Las Vegas for Pizza Expo

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International Pizza Expo 2013
International Pizza Expo 2013

Coming to Las Vegas for the Pizza Expo, brings back wonderful memories. The pizza, the products, and the people. There are some fascinating people here. The Pizza Expo is a wonderful celebration about pizza and the pizza business. While there are a number of workshop and events, there are also hands on pizza tasting, pizza making, pizza judging and pizza tossing. Make no mistake, Pizza Expo is aimed at the pizza professional.

Estimates are of crowds of over 7,000 attendees. The gathering is made up of pizza pros and those who support the professional pizza business. There are different types of flour, pizza ovens, all manner of pizza toppings, cheeses, pizza hardware and pizza software. If it is pizza business related, even remotely, you will find that item or service at the pizza Expo. From various bakeware,  to pizza ovens,  kitchen magnets, and pizza peppers.if you want it, you got it.

One of the very coolest additions to this years Pizza  Expo is the official International Pizza App. You can find out more about it at the official Pizza Expo Website.

Last time I was here I got to meet some amazing pizzaiolo. The Italian Crew was a personal high-light. This was an amazing crew of some the best pizza makers on the planet. They were sharing there wisdom, their expertise and their energy.

I learned some great dough techniques during my last visit. I discovered the gentle, yet firm touch of the master pizza maker. He was able to shape the dough into finished pizza shape with a few slaps and pulls.

Yes there were some dangerous pizza creatures:

For me the best part of the whole experience are the stories and tales about pizza and those who lovingly make pizza. Meeting Jonathan Goldsmith of Spaca Napoli was one of the most rewarding experiences. Jonathan is not only a gentle pizza spirit who is truly honored when you eat his pizza, but also a social activist, who creates significant change through his business.

Roberto Caporuscio of Keste Pizza and Vino in New York was there. He gave a lot of positive energy to the pizza making crew from Naples. As a matter of fact some of the pizza masters from Naples showed Roberto how to make pizza!

And what can I say about spending time with John Arena. John and his Cousin Sam founded Metro Pizza in Las Vegas. (FYI: you can see a video tribute I did for Metro Pizza, here.)

John is a pizza master who has taken it upon himself to be a pizza advocate to spread the joys, wisdom and enlightenment of making pizza. And yes I did say enlightenment. Making pizza is truly a spiritual experience.

John Arena, discusses pizza
John Arena, discusses pizza

I hope to keep you, updated on all the latest info of the 2013 International Pizza Expo

So stay tuned….

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