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Pizza Tips from the Masters…

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I cornered two Italian pizza masters (pizzaioli) at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

I told them I was not leaving until they gave me their best pizza tips.

They had no idea what I was talking about: they do not speak any english.

They just nodded and waved. Nodded and waved.

I decided to find an Italian translator.

I needed to know the secret. I had to know their best advice. I had to discover what made great pizza, great!

I needed to have the best pizza advice, from Antonio Stariata and Adolpho.

Don Antonio Stariata and Adolpho, two master pizza makers from Naples, share their best pizza tips. This interview was conducted at the Pizza Expo, in Las Vagas.

And you need great pizza tools to make great pizza. Check out this pizza peel:

Epicurean Cutting Surfaces 21x14-in. Pizza Peel Series Pizza Peel

Epicurean Cutting Surfaces 21×14-in. Pizza Peel Series Pizza Peel

The Pizza Peel won’t necessarily help you to hand toss the dough, but it just might make you want to. It works great with frozen pizzas as well. The beveled front edge helps to scoop the perfect pie from the oven and the hole in the handle makes for a convenient hanging option.

Epicurean Cutting Surfaces 21×14-in. Pizza Peel Series Pizza Peel

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