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Interview with Scot Cosentino of Goodfella’s in Staten Island

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Here is an interview I did with Scot Cosentino of Goodfella’s Pizza on Staten Island, New York.

The interview took place at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Scot describes how he got into the pizza business. His motivation was that he really loves pizza. He has always been a fan of some of the best pizzas in New York. In particular he loves gourmet pizza. He particularly loves wood fired pizza. He admired the pizzas from New York and wanted to do the same thing.

He had never made pizza before but he decided to build his first brick oven by hand. He purchased a number of recipes and books about pizza. He explains that he learned by studying and learning all he could about pizza. He is a self taught pizzaiolo.

He developed his skills and was able to create artisan pizza. Or as he says, “Great pizza”.

His pizzas have won awards. He has also had his pizza described as being the best in the world.

Scot’s secret to making great pizza? He says you need to really care aobut what you do. You need to have a passion for pizza and you need to use the best ingredients that you can.

Thanks Scot.

You can visit his website, here:

Goodfella’s Pizza

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