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Interview with Evelyn Sloman
Legends of Pizza, Volume 3: Evelyn Sloman: The Lost Interviews

Part 1 and Part 2

This interview was recorded exclusively for legendsofpizza and pizzatherapy.com

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Evelyn Sloman: Master Pizzaiolo

I'm very excited to share with you Part of Legends of Pizza Volume 3.

These interviews were conducted a while ago. I had started to edit them and was ready to release Legends of Pizza Volume 3.

I was very excited about all of the knowledge that Evelyn brought to the world of pizza.

Then disaster struck: my hard drive crashed, leaving me with nothing but digital dust of an incredible conversation with Evelyn Sloman.

Recently after spending hundreds of dollars, I was able to recover most of the files from my hard drive. Luckily, I could save parts of the original mp3's of the Evelyn Sloman interview
I was able to piece together parts of the interview and hope to release Legends of Pizza Volume 3.

I am pleased to present The Lost Interviews of Evelyn Sloman

Listen to the Evelyn Sloman Interview Part 1 Below

  • In Part 1 Evelyn gives an entire history of pizza

  • She dispels a number of myths about where pizza actually originated

  • She also discusses her book "Pizza", which is unfortunately out of print.

  • What were the early influences of pizza

  • How the development of pizza happened simultaneously in several different places.

  • What she discovered from Italian-American cooks who made different variations of pizza



Listen to the Evelyn Sloman Interview Part 2 Below

  • Evelyn discusses how pizza came to the United States
  • She explains how she gained her knowledge about how to make pizza
  •  Who the very first pizzaioli were
  • Why bread baking is closely related to pizza making
  • How U.S. pizza is different from Italian pizza
  • What is the "Lombardi Formula"
  • What did Evelyn learn from the Jerry Totonno and Jerry Lombardi
  • How the skill of pizza making "flowed out of Lombardi's and Totonno's fingers"
  • How to "listen to the dough"
  • Why the Italians give their dough a "rest"

Thank you so much Evelyn: You are a legend of Pizza!


Evelyn's latest
Cook Book


by Evelyn Sloman is out of print
 (If you can find a copy: grab it! It is a priceless book!)

The Pizza Book: Everything There is to Know About the World's Greatest Pie,
 Evelyn Sloman
[Times Books: New York] 1984


Evelyn Sloman is referenced in this New York Cookbook    


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