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Legends of Pizza

The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book by Albert Grande

Get a copy of The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, here.

Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 and 2 e-Book from pizzatherapy.com

The Legends of Pizza e-Book.


 The Legends of Pizza project was my way of taking pizza to the next level.  I wanted to know what kind of knowledge and inspiration I could find by interviewing the most talented pizzaiolo or pizza makers in the world. 

For the Legends of Pizza Volume I, I spoke with three noted pizza professionals.  First, I interviewed Peter Reinhart, noted bread baker, teacher, and author of American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza.  Next I spoke with Gary Bimonte, grandson of Frank Pepe and co-owner of Frank Pepes Pizzeria Napoletana, New Haven, Connecticut.  Finally, I called Chris Bianco who is a James Beard Award winner and the owner of Pizzeria Bianco located in Phoenix, Arizona

Peter Reinhart is featured in Legends of Pizza transcripts.
Peter Reinhart noted baker and author of American Pie

Gary Bimonte of Pepe's is interviewed for the Legends of Pizza
Gary Bimonte
co-owner of
Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napolentana

Chris Bianco, a true Legend of Pizza share his pizza passion.
Chris Bianco
owner of
Pizzeria Bianco

For Legends of Pizza Volume II, I interviewed three incredible pizzaiolo.

  First, I interviewed Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls in Portland, Oregon. Brian is an up and coming legend of pizza who is gaining national notoriety with his artisan pizzas. 

Next, I spoke with seven time World Pizza Champion and Guinness Book of World Record holder Tony Gemignani.  Tony is what I call the ambassador of pizza.  In addition to owning Pyzanos Pizzeria in California, Tony is regularly on the road.  He travels the globe giving pizza demonstrations.  I was fortunate to be able to find him close to a phone.  Tony wears many hats.  His interview was insightful and revealing. 

Finally, I spoke to legendary pizzaiolo Ed LaDou of Caioti Pizza Cafe.  Ed has been making pizza for over thirty years.  He is best known for being the creative genius behind all of Wolfgang Pucks pizzas as well as creating the pizza menu for California Pizza Kitchen

Brian Spangler, of Apizza Scholls a Legend of pizza.
Brian Spangler owner of
Apizza Scholls

Tony Gemignani, Seven time World Pizza Champion and Legend of Pizza.
Tony Gemignani, 7 Time World Pizza Champion, owner of Pyzano's Pizza

Ed Ladou, of Caiote Pizza Cafe, is a Legend of Pizza
Ed LaDou, owner of
Caiote Pizza Cafe

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 on CD
Legends of Pizza Download on MP3
Featuring interviews with: Chris Bianco Gary Bimonte Peter Reinhart
Legends of Pizza Volume 2 on CD
Legends of Pizza
Download on MP3
Tony Gemignani Brian Spangler Ed LaDou

Read The Legends of Pizza e-Book.
(Contains transcripts of all interviews)

Legends of Pizza, Volume 4


Legends of Pizza . Volume 1 will be unlike anything you have ever heard. You will learn, and explore hidden areas of pizza beliefs and knowledge. Never before have these Legends of Pizza. been given such a forum. You will be inspired. You will smile. You will gain pizza power. You will be engaged. You will discover things about pizza you never knew or imagined.

Read The Legends of Pizza e-Book.
(Contains transcripts of all interviews)

"I did listen to the CD...and did enjoy it very much. Being new to the pizza business it gave me a different perspective on how I want my pizzeria to be recognized. I do hope you do more of these... "
Tom, Macaluso's Pizzeria, St. Paul, Minnesota



Get a copy of The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, here.


The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book
from pizzatherapy.com

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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book


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