Pizza Business for Sale: Pizza in A Box

Pizza Oven from Pizza Therapy

I was just informed that the following pizza business is for sale:

It’s a La Panyol model 83. (from Maine wood heat)
The oven is on a lazy Susan so no matter where you park, the oven will spin to the position that you need it too. The trailer tongue is also removable. It’s a custom 6’x8′ trailer with electronic brake assist (7 pin wire harness). 1 full size spare tire with matching rim (has u-bolt to attach it to the trailer tongue). The oven and trailer weigh 1,280 lbs.  Uses a 2″ ball hitch.

4 peals (2 wood peals for making and loading pizzas, each holds 3-4 10″ pizzas. 1 sm peal, 1 large peal for moving pizzas in the oven)
Wire brush, ash rake, and ash shuttle.
2 sneeze guards each 2’x 4′ long, each 2 pcs
1 sneeze guard @ 2’x2′, 2 pcs
1 sneeze guard end cap @39″
Sneeze guards are made with 1/2″ copper pipe and Lexon plexiglass they’re designed for use with 6′ folding tables, and to start at the table top. End cap’s designed for use with custom garnish caddy (also included) but could be used with out the caddy with a slight modification.
Custom garnish caddy with 2 metal inserts for ice and 3 metal dividers.
2-6′ foot folding tables
“wood fired pizza” lawn signs
1-infrared digital thermometer
 Approximately 200 10″ pizza boxes
1 soft sided cooler for dough boxes

Tire lock for trailer

Food storage (all Cambro):
6 stackable dough boxes (18x26x3)  (new in case)
6 Dough box lids  (new in case)
1-deep 1/3 size with sealable lid
3-1/2 deep 1/3 size with sealable lids
9 1/2 deep 1/6 size
8 1/6 size sealable lids
2 hard plastic lids for use with ladles
1 hard plastic lid
2 2oz ladles

1 pizza cutter

The oven is in Glastonbury, CT
I’m asking $19,000 or B/O, as part of the purchase I will train whoever buys the oven in how to operate and maintain it. If it’s to be operated in the state of CT and they like the registered business name “The Rolling Stone llc” I’ll include that as well.

Ask for

Scott   Tell him Pizza Therapy sent you.




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How Scott’s Pizza Tours Started

When you are with Scott Weiner you are in the presence of a dynamo. A dynamo of pizza history, pizza knowledge, and pizza passion.

The following video gives you a taste of the tour. From the minute the Pizza Tour starts you are in a whirl wind of energy and pure pizza stories.

The beginnning of the video shows Scott’s style as he discusses various pizzas you will be sampling on the tour. The video was recorded  at Lombardi’s in New York. Opened in 1905, Lombardi’s is the true birthplace of pizza in the United States.

The second part of the video is a one  on one interview with Scott as he explains how he got into the pizza tour business.

It was actually quite by accident. He started by taking friends of his on tours of New York. Soon this started to be quite a habit.

Here’s the video:



 Visit Scott’s Pizza Tours, here.


Scott's Pizza Tours


Di Matteo Pizza Masters Make Pizza

Master pizzaiolo Jonathan Goldsmith takes us on an incredible pizza journey..

Here Jonathan takes on a journey of knowledge that tells us much about Italian pizza as it does about our own passion for Italian food itself.

The video created by Jonathan reveals much about him and his own love of pizza!

Masters at their craft, the pizzaioli at Di Matteo show their skill and love of the art of pizza making.
Made on location in Naples, Italy.


If you are in Chicago, you must pay a visit to
Spacca Napoli
1769 W. Sunnyside,
Chicago, IL 60640

Visit Spacca Napoli, here.


Roberto Carporuscio, and Jonathan Goldsmith at the Las Vegas Pizza Convention

Roberto Carporuscio, and Jonathan Goldsmith at the Las Vegas Pizza Convention


In this interview with Roberto Caporuscio of Keste Pizzeria and Vino, he reveals his inspiration for making great pizza.

Roberto explains his original inspiration for pizza was his mentor. Now he is inspired by his cusomers.

From the Keste website here is some history of Roberto:

It was…in Napoli, the birthplace of pizza, that Roberto went to study the art and craft of this culinary delight with the most talented masters of the Neapolitan pizza makers. After training with the best, he opened two successful pizzerias in Pittsburgh, followed by A Mano in Ridgewood, NJ . Each endeavor brought critical acclaim from the culinary industry, as well as the rave reviews and articles in books and magazines.

While I discussed pizza with Roberto, he revealed to me his true inspiration for pizza:

My customers are my inspiration…I want to do better every day for them. Every morning when I wake up I want to do a better job for them.

He also talks about his new pizza school. You can learn the art of pizza making from Roberto and his world reknowned staff.

What I was most impressed when I did this interview was how friendly and happy, Roberto was. He allowed his customers to come right up to him while he was making pizza. He answered all of their questions. He took time for them. He shared all of his knowledge about pizza. And he did it with a smile on his face.

Roberto is truly an inspirational pizzaiolo. A great person, making great pizza. What a combination.

You can get more information about Robert’s Pizza School, here. The school will teach you not only how to make pizza but also how to make mozzarella.

Roberto Caporuscio is a true Legend of Pizza . He has passion and belief. He truly cares about his customers and his pizza.

Keste Pizzeria and Vino
271 Bleecker Street
New York, New York 10014


Another Pizza from Keste:

Amazing pizza at Keste from Pizza Therapy

A simple pizza from Keste

You can watch  Roberto Working Dough, here.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

And if you want to get into The Pizza Business, get a copy of the Pizza Business Papers. you can discover all the inside tricks of how to start a pizza business.

Here is another great resource:

The Back Story of Metro Pizza Las Vegas

Over 40 years ago, in New York, two cousins learned to make pizza at their family pizzeria.

Young John Arena, (12) started working for 50 cents an hour. It was fun but difficult. He worked hard but he began to learn the pizza business.

After a short while he asked his younger cousin Sam Facchini (11) to come by to work as well.

This did not sit well with Uncle Rocky, one of the brothers who owned the pizzeria.

He told John, “I didn’t hire him, you did…so you pay him…”

And John did. He split his 50 cent per hour wage in half. Both he and Sam were now making 25 cents an hour.

Here is the story as explained by Sam:

Years later, Sam and John , would see an ad in an Italian newspaper in New York, describing a pizzeria for sale. The problem was that it was in the desert town of Las Vegas. The year was 1980.

The first day they opened, someone rode up to their shop on horseback and ordered pizza. They knew they were in for a ride!

They struggled at first. Making dough in Las Vegas was very different from making dough in New York. The humidity of the desert air affected the dough process greatly. They experimented and after a short while they perfected their dough.

They have come a long way since those early years and now make award winning pizza. They are both Legends of Pizza.

They have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, guests on Regis and Kathy Lee, and made pizza for Air-Force One.  John and Sam, now host monthly “reservation only” pizza seminars. Metro has received the highest awards in the restaurant industry, including:

  • Top Ten Pizzerias in America- USA Today
  • National Pizzerias Operators of the Year- Pizza Today Magazine
  • Best of Las Vegas- Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • Best Pizza-LV Weekly Magazine
  • Top Pizza  in Las Vegas- Zagat’s Restaurant Review
  • Best in City-
  • Best Pizza in town- UNLV

They learned their craft well and now make the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Visit Metro at:

1395 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada
Tropicana & Maryland Parkway
Phone: (702) 736-1955

Repectfully submitted by:
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

Ads By CbproAds

I came accross these amazing videos that I felt I needed to share.

Here you can see Roberto Caporuscio of Keste and Don Antonio Starita of Pizzeria Starita demonstrating pizza.

It is fun to watch as Roberto translates for Don Antonio.

In the following video you can see the dough handling technique of Roberto Caporuscio of Keste.

You can see the masterful way the dough is handled. Gently yet deliberately. There is magic in those hands. Roberto is simply an amazing pizzaiolo.

For more pizza adventure, visit:

Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

Roberto Capruscio learned to make pizza from the masters in Naples.

Naples, Italy is the birthplace of pizza. He studied and perfected his craft through years of hard work. He has been rewarded and honored by his ultra successful pizzeria Kest, located at at 271 Bleeker Street, in New York City.

The Keste website describes Robert’s journey:

“Roberto Caporuscio was born and raised on a dairy farm in Pontinia, about an hour’s drive from Napoli where he first developed his culinary skills producing and selling cheese.

It was, however, in Napoli, the birthplace of pizza, that Roberto went to study the art and craft of this culinary delight with the most talented masters of the Neapolitan pizza makers. After training with the best, he opened two successful pizzerias in Pittsburgh, followed by A Mano in Ridgewood, NJ . Each endeavor brought critical acclaim from the culinary industry, as well as the rave reviews and articles in books and magazines.

Two years ago, Chef Roberto became President of APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani) and consultant to a variety of restaurants in Chicago, Denver, St Louis, and Madison – bringing his knowledge, experience and influence to a wider audience.”

i was fortunate to be able to interview Robert recently at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. He discusses what it takes to be a legendary pizzaiolo. He talks about his experiences and his training. He also tells why he feels Keste has become so successful.

You can visit:
271 Bleeker Street
New York

Keste website

Here is something I have in common with Roberto.

We were both featured in Ed Levine’s Book,

Pizza: A Slice of Heaven: The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion

Now that is amazing!
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

Here is an interview I did with Scot Cosentino of Goodfella’s Pizza on Staten Island, New York.

The interview took place at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Scot describes how he got into the pizza business. His motivation was that he really loves pizza. He has always been a fan of some of the best pizzas in New York. In particular he loves gourmet pizza. He particularly loves wood fired pizza. He admired the pizzas from New York and wanted to do the same thing.

He had never made pizza before but he decided to build his first brick oven by hand. He purchased a number of recipes and books about pizza. He explains that he learned by studying and learning all he could about pizza. He is a self taught pizzaiolo.

He developed his skills and was able to create artisan pizza. Or as he says, “Great pizza”.

His pizzas have won awards. He has also had his pizza described as being the best in the world.

Scot’s secret to making great pizza? He says you need to really care aobut what you do. You need to have a passion for pizza and you need to use the best ingredients that you can.

Thanks Scot.

You can visit his website, here:

Goodfella’s Pizza

And if you want to learn about the pizza business, please check out How to Get into The Pizza Business.
You will discover inside tricks and tips avialable no where else. you can also get interviews with world famous pizzaioli.

How to Get into The Pizza Business from Pizza Therapy

Let’s face it, most people use their cell phones to text message. Have you considered using text messaging as a way to personally stay in touch with your customers?

The best way to stay in touch with these mobile phone users is use text messaging to promote your pizza and your pizza business via text. By offering an incentive, such as a special deal or preffered customer list. You can explain they can immediately and permanently be removed form your text messaging at any time.

Imagine a text list of only 100 customers. If you have a special of the day, you can immediately let them know about it. You can use text messaging to fill up your restaurant when things are slow.

The great thing about using text messaging is the fact that you can instantly stay in touch with your customers.

The worst thing is the cost. That is until now.

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FREXTR text programs are as good as magnets in creating an excellent repeat customer retention program.

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Program Highlights:

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The monthly rate will not increase over time as long as your account remains active.

Once you register your keyword the following will come to you to help get your text message marketing program up and running:

* 1,000 double laminated pass along cards will arrive about two weeks after your register your keyword.
* Shortly there after 2 Push/Pull stickers that announce the text message program will arrive.
* Forward-able email to introduce your text message program to existing email list clients.
* Email with instructions to help turn twitter and facebook followers to text coupon users.
* Email “owner’s manual” to the Frextr program.
There is no contract term.
There are no limitations on the number of users or the frequency of messages sent.
Users opt in and opt out instantly.
You can track your program in real time 24/7 via the browser based application.
Messages are schedule-able years ahead of time in five minute increments.
Use one Keyword for all your locations or give each manager their own at just $67.45 each and each manager will get the whole package as listed for each keyword registered.

Check out the details in the attached PDF file or go to FREXTR to register.
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pizza on earth,

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Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza of Staten Island New York opens Official Brick Oven Pizza School

The world famous Goodfella’s of Staten island announced today its official opening of Goodfella’s wood fired pizza school of New York. It will be one of the most comprehensive pizza schools in the country.

Focusing on the art of wood fired pizza ,gourmet breads and cheese making. Founder Scot Cosentino Says “We will be running the school from our original location at 1718 Hylan Blvd Staten Island New York.

It will be a completely hands on experience turning pizza makers from all over the world into gourmet artisans who will master the art of wood fired pizza. We also will be focusing on Gourmet Breads, Sauces, Cheese making and offer a variety of services from custom brick ovens to complete consulting on start up operations.”

Goodfella’s Founded in 1992 and has been an industry trend setter and leader in gourmet brick oven pizza since its inception. Wining numerous national and international prizes for its gourmet creations such as the Vodka Pie,Smokin Goodfella and Sally Pie.

Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza has also been known as one of Rudy Giuliani favorite place for pizza and known as a local celebrity hot spot for years and featured on many TV Segments.


Contact information Scot Cosentino

(718) 987-2422

Scot, I want to wish you all the best
with your new Pizza School!

pizza all over Staten Island,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

Pizza Expo Las Vegas March 1-3, 2011

Here is the latest news on the Pizza Expo:

27th Annual International Pizza Expo®
The World’s Largest and Oldest Pizza Tradeshow!
Las Vegas Convention Center
March 1 – 3, 2011

You’ve been attending Pizza Expo for years, you’ve heard it all and you’re ready for something new. Well, we listened and for the second year, you have an entire session module planned and developed with you in mind.

This session module will feature one session during every seminar time period – that’s three sessions on Tuesday, three sessions on Wednesday and one session on Thursday. Business leaders outside the pizza industry, who will bring a fresh approach to common business issues, will lead these sessions.

Tuesday morning will open with an encore presentation from Larry Oxenham, one of America’s top asset protection experts. In his Advanced Lawsuit Protection, Tax Reduction and Estate Planning Strategies, Larry will discuss strategies most advisors are unaware of, and are too many to list here. This was one of last year’s most popular sessions earning Larry a return invitation. You can’t afford to miss this session.

Tuesday afternoon will feature two sessions by noted author, Christine Corelli. In her first session, Are You a Leader or a Boss, Christine will show you how to lead in a way that gets the most out of your team. Her second session, Change, Challenges and Hard Choices, will look at today’s marketplace and the demands to embrace new ideas, create new business models and implement smart strategies in order to create and sustain success.

You don’t want to miss Wednesday morning with Troy Hazard and his Leadership Lessons From the Naked Entrepreneur: How to Guide Your Staff Through Tough Times. If you want to know what makes a good leader, then ask a leader of leaders. Troy is a veteran with 10 start-ups in 20 years under his belt and has proven himself in one of the toughest leadership roles on the planet – President of he Global Board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Troy will share some of the lessons he learned as a leader of leaders and as a leader of teams. He will explain why he believes leaders are not born, they evolve.

Wednesday afternoon promises to be one of learning and one of entertainment. Barry Maher – you may have seen him on the Today Show or CNBC, or you may have read about him in USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or Business Week – will begin with Filling the Glass: Real World Tactics and Motivation for Increasing Productivity AND Job Satisfaction. This session is perfect for the most cynical veteran AND the most starry-eyed (or the most discouraged) novice. In Barry’s second session, Slicing Through the Noise: Powerful Communication for Leadership and Professional Success, he will show you how to communicate with people of all types and how to tactfully get what you want.

In the final session on Thursday, Ron Jasniowski will address the challenge foodservice managers face every day – the endless struggle to build a harmonious workforce of conscientious, loyal employees. In Turning Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Foodservice Employees, you will learn how to develop the untapped character qualities in your employees and more.

These new session topics and fresh new speakers will expose you to the latest trends and practices in business and challenge you to look at your business in a new light.

For more information about International Pizza Expo, visit our award-winner Web site today.

Pizza all over Vegas,

And, I’ll see you there!

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

If you want to learn more about How to Open a Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant

Go here now:

International Pizza Expo 2011

I’m going to the Pizza Expo, and I can’t wait! I think it will be a very exciting event.

The 3-Day registration package includes the following:
Admission to your choice of more than 80 educational seminars, special Monday sessions for New Operators and First-Time Attendees, Pizza Crust Boot Camp®, two keynote speaker general sessions, two Beer & Bull Idea Exchanges® and World Pizza Games® Finals and Rockin’ Party.

Additional fee is required for the Monday morning Pre-Show Workshop (So, You Want to Open a Pizzeria), Making Dough With Tony Gemignani and Thursday morning FoodCost Pro Menu Pricing Workshop.

Admission to three exciting days of pizza-only exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Exhibits are open Tuesday and Wednesday (10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) and Thursday (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)

Watch the World’s Most prestigious pizza-making contests. The International Pizza Challenge™ will crown the World’s Best Traditional Pizza and the World’s Best Non-Traditional Pizza.
World Pizza Games® return with more fun and excitement when the finals are held at a Rockin’ Party for all show attendees.

The opportunity to win $20,000 in our $20,000 MEGA BUCKS Contest.
Discounts on air travel and rental cars.

Special discounted hotel room rates with complimentary shuttle service from selected hotels.

One-Day Pass – Thursday, March 3
We are offering a one-day pass for Thursday ONLY that will allow you to attend the Thursday morning seminars and will admit you to the show floor on Thursday (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.). You will also be eligible to win the “$20,000 MEGA CASH Giveaway” drawing Thursday afternoon. You must be present to win.

Registration and Show Rules

All seminars, exhibits, Beer & Bull Idea Exchange® and keynote general sessions will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center – North Halls 2 & 3.
Registration confirmation will be mailed. Please allow two to three weeks for processing.
Badges and tickets will be mailed after February 1, 2011. One Day Passes will not be mailed.
Badges are not transferable and must be worn at all seminars and on the exhibit floor.
Pre-registration cut-off date is February 24, 2011.
REFUNDS – Pizza Expo will refund pre-registration fees (minus $25 processing fee per person registered) provided the request for refund is made in writing to Pizza Expo and mailed to:
                            International Pizza Expo®
                            908 South 8th Street, Suite 200
                            Louisville, KY 40203

Requests for refunds must be received no later than February 1, 2011.

No one under the age of 16 will be allowed on the exhibit floor. Proof of age will be required. No strollers, baby carriages or baby packs. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Absolutely NO SOLICITING permitted. Solicitations in the Exhibit Hall by non-exhibiting personnel are strictly prohibited.

27th Annual International Pizza Expo®
The World’s Largest and Oldest Pizza Tradeshow!
Las Vegas Convention Center
March 1 – 3, 2011

Business Cards
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Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2011

Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards

The mission of the Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards is to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction, spreading and preservation of the Italian food and wine culture in the countries they live in or in global context. The Awards, promoted by, are granted annually to chefs, writers, journalists and business people, for the work performed in the previous year or during their careers.

The award receivers are nominated after a lengthy survey among the over 1200 GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) associates and selected by an international panel of professionals, which includes the President of GVCI.


Gaeta’s Sculpture for the ICWA 2011
The Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2011 are represented by 10 limited-edition artistic sculptures made in Faenza ceramics (city and comune of Faenza) realized by the artist Goffredo Gaeta. They are offered by the Emilia Romagna, Italian Region with the highest number of typical quality foods protected by geographical status in Europe (PDO, PGI).

Italian Cuisine Worldwide Award 2011 and his creator: the artist Goffredo Gaeta

The Table of Records? Emilia Romagna! The First Region in Europe with 33 products Dop and Igp

When speaking of typical Italian oenogastronomy, inevitably, the first name that comes to mind is ‘Emilia Romagna’. And that’s no coincidence; in fact, Emilia Romagna is the record holding territory. The numbers alone demonstrate this (as well as the taste buds); this is the birth place of 33 products from Dop to Igp; from Prosciutto di Parma to Parmigiano Reggiano, from Mortadella to traditional Aceto balsamico. There is no other region in Europe of such a high density of labels of quality. And what do we drink to accompany them? Obviously, nothing else other than wines of correspondingly high quality. And so, 20 types of Doc (without naming the derivatives of each one), to which must then be added Italy’s oldest white Docg, the Albana di Romagna.

Such a wealth and quality of products has also become a source of tourism. Today, Emilia Romagna is one of the very few territories of Italy that has developed a regional system to receive tourists; from Piacenza to Rimini, there are fifteen Streets of Wines and Flavours. That is to say, that there is an organised circuit, more than two thousand kilometres long, with 1,500 marked steps. So, the tourist can stop and enter the places as he or she likes, farms, cellars, cheese-producing dairies, prosciutto-producing pig farms, agritourism and arts and crafts boutiques.

Among the most interesting packets is the weekend spent with a boat trip on the Po River and a visit with a demonstration to a cheese producing dairy. Otherwise, there is a bicycle trip to a town of art combined with a tasting of wine or a certain type of cheese.

For the all the curious and the gourmands, 22 museums of taste are now open; from the one of Prosciutto in Langhirano, Province of Parma to the one of Parmigiano Reggiano in Soragna, Province of Parma, from the one of traditional Aceto balsamico in Spilamberto, Province of Modena to the Garden of Herbs in Casola Valsenio, Province of Ravenna. And if you don’t have time to organise your holidays, there is someone to do it for you. Touristic packets, weekends, excusrions and tastings are found at the site
And now the latest novelty in Emilia Romagna (with an unedited and still unique format) is the Wine Food Festival, a billboard of 40 events in the span of three months, feasts, fairs and tastings dedicated to the excellent products of Emilia Romagna; The most recent one finished in December, with the record of one and a half million visitors. All the curiosities can be found at the site

Casa Artusi: the gastronomic center dedicated to Italian home cooking

Welcome to Faenza, Town of Ceramics

If it’s true that every town has its own destiny, that of Faenza is ceramics. In this small artistic town between Bologna and Florence, fantastic ceramics of great originality are produced. Half of every year, Faenza is full of thousands of tourists from every part of Italy and Europe. Just think that in 1100, medieval Faenza was already famous for its artistic ceramics.

The name ‘Faenza’ is derived from the French ‘faience’, a word that in the entire world means majolica, glazed terracotta of refined clay.

And there has been no lull in this fame during the last millennium. And today, the fabulous history of Faenza’s ceramics is represented in the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche (International Museum of Ceramics), otherwise known as the Mic, in viale Baccarini 19. In its field, it is one of the most important in the world. It consists of various sections: schools, Italian and foreign, the ancient series of ancient Greece, Tuscany and ancient Rome and from far-off countries, such as pre-Columbian, African and Oriental creations. And there’s a wonderful series signed by famous artists, such as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Meandri and Burri.

These days, there are around 50 artistic botteghe del fuoco (‘fire boutiques’) that are small workshops and kilns that the public can enter to experience live each and every phase of the elaboration. There are also schools for the education of technicians of the ceramics industry of all parts of the world, international demonstrations, exhibits and conventions.

Art and Culture

The museum alone would make the trip to Faenza worthwhile. However, Faenza is also a town of outstanding artistic and architectural features. There are two beautiful squares linked in Renaissance style, fascinating palaces, the large cathedral of the 15th century, the typical arcaded streets, a historic, 18th-century theatre and museums sporting a wealth of precious works of art. Want some advice? Walk up the octagonal bell tower of Santa Maria Vecchia to enjoy the stimulating panorama of Faenza from above.

Fine Dining
Faenza is an important agricultural and foodstuff centre. The zone is particularly known for its vegetable gardening and fruit farming as well as for its distillations. The fruit of the territory of Faenza is of high quality, especially its own, famous type of peach, the Peach and Nectarine of Romagna Igp. Its grappa and other grape distillates are excellent, too.

The surrounding hills are cultivated with olive groves and vineyards. Its most famous olive oil is extravirgin olive oil from Brisighella Dop. And the wines denominated ‘Colli di Faenza Doc’ are also of best quality.

Dining is the triumph of the flavours of Romagna: pasta sfoglia spread out with a rolling pin, flatbread, typical ovine meats, lamb and mutton prepared with aromatic herbs, salami, fresh and sheep cheeses.

Paul Bartolotta, Las Vegas, USA
There is a constant, recognisable thread in the career of Paul Bortolotta: to elevate the level of Italian cuisine in the US. A goal that he has consistently achieved, from the day he became the James Beard Best Chef Midwest in 1994 (the first Italian chef ever) to his successful nine year tenure of the Spiaggia Restaurant in Chicago; from the opening of the Ristorante di Mare, at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (for which he imports one and a half tons of seafood a year from Italy) to the second James Beard accolade in 2009, Best Chef Southwest. Besides his unquestionable culinary talent and his winning business perspective, Bartolotta has been and is a relentless educator, who contributes to defeat stereotypes. As far as Italian cuisine is concerned, his life, his career and his values are a model, an example to follow, by any chef of Italian cuisine working outside Italy.

Mario Batali, New York, USA
His involvement in the Eataly, New York City, is only the latest act of a career in which, he, as chef, restaurant owner, food commentator and TV personality, has constantly promoted quality Italian cuisine and culture. His business success is based on a solid knowledge of the history of Italian cuisine, its regional characteristics and Italy in general. Millions of Americans have been introduced to genuine tenets of Italian cuisine thanks to Mario’s communication skills. He has always had a special relationship with Bologna and his province where he made his first steps as a chef, and during IDIC 2010 he was pronounced honorary Apostolo della Tagliatella.

Dorothy Cann Hamilton, New York, USA
When in 2007 she decided to open the Italian Culinary Studies Program, Dorothy, the currant President of the International Culinary Center, had already achieved the respect and appreciation of the culinary industry with her prestigious French Culinary Institute. Because of its qualified contents and rigorous methodology, the Program is a point of reference for Italian culinary education not only for New York City and the USA but for the entire world today. Dorothy’s vision and initiative appeared in a very particular moment in the history of Italian Cuisine in the US; Italian cuisine and the related diet (the Mediterranean) were enormously popular in the United States. But the presence of the immigrants that had spread it about and made it famous was all but exhausted. The future of Italian cuisine in the USA, especially authentic, quality, professional Italian cuisine, was directly related to institutes such as the one created by Dorothy.

David Cheung, Hong Kong, CHINA
After a long residence in the United Kingdom, David Cheung was pushed by his passion for Italian cuisine to open the Gaia restaurant in Hong Kong exactly ten years ago. Passionate about style and design, David in the last ten years has dedicated himself to the development of his concept of the high-quality Italian restaurant, of the Italian restaurant bound to high quality, Italian cuisine prepared by Italian born and trained cooks of the new generation and based on excellent products imported from Italy. David Cheung is an example of the entrepreneur who has managed to pair the profitability of his business with the defence of Italian gastronomic traditions in one of the most prominent markets of Italian cuisine. In the last ten years, the group he presides has opened or acquired ten restaurants including Isola, Joia and Va Bene in Hong Kong. Recently, it also opened Isola in Shanghai and on 17th January, the same day as the International Day of Italian Cuisines, it is opening Bene in Shatin, also in China.

Arrigo Cipriani, Venezia, ITALY
For decades now, Arrigo Cipriani has been a protagonist of Italian dining with his legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, where he has continued his father, Giuseppe’s, mission. However, this award goes to those activities of Arrigo and his company outside Italy. With the opening of establishments abroad, in places such as New York City, Miami, Istanbul, Moscow and, very recently, in Abu Dhabi, Cipriani has always delivered authentic Italian cuisine of highest quality. Many things have been said and written about Arrigo, but here we give a couple of small extracts of what he stated in an interview, true extracts of the philosophy that stands behind the success of the enterprise
managed today by Giuseppe’s son:

“We consider ourselves to be super-Italians; the DNA of taste is a fact, Italian taste is the one closest to the taste of the world as far as cooking is concerned. Therefore we’ve never given in to the temptation of the revision of Italian cuisine, and therefore we’re traditional, and so we will be for a long time to come.”

“Borrowed cultures have no sense, they remain outsider human culture. Even when one is really capable, one has always to go back to one’s roots. Abroad, this is always appreciated.”

Domenico Crolla, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Domenico learnt much of his craft from his father, Alfredo, an immigrant from Italy and one of the pioneers of Italian cuisine in the region. Domenico, in his career, has been an untiring promoter of Italian cuisine in the United Kingdom. But his restaurant, Bella Napoli, has above and beyond anything else become a Mecca for high quality Italian pizza and he himself a highly esteemed expert in the craft. Domenico is a passionate communicator but more than anything else, he is well-experienced expert of techniques and products. Other than events that have added to his growing popularity, Domenico continues to win contests and competitions. His experience in pizza is appreciated also at an international level when he is invited to take part in competition juries.

Beppe De Vito, SINGAPORE
In an era dominated by the figures of chef celebrities, Beppe De Vito has been and still is one of the most brilliant, young interpreters of another role fundamental for the success of a contemporary Italian restaurant tuned to fine dining outside Italy; the manager-owner, a role rooted in restaurants of the past. Beppe’s career has been woven from the standard of the glorification of quality and of elegance. First in the context of Italian restaurants of large hotels such as the Bice of Singapore, where he left clear imprint of class, then on to the Garibaldi and then finally to the opening of the truly elegant Lido on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Together with the Forlino, another establishment under his control, these two restaurants have contributed to changing the history of Italian cuisine, not to mention the acquisition of the finest of Italian style in Singapore and in Asia.

Gianni Favro, Bangkok, THAILAND
Talented chef and wine expert born in Pordenone, in the Northern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Gianni built his culinary reputation on 3 principles: Mediterranean style (which means culinary traditions of Italy freely interpreted by Gianni), modernity and top quality raw ingredients. Gianni has an extensive experience as an Italian Chef in Thailand, previously he had worked in Hong Kong, Germany and, of course, in Italy at Sardegna, Costa Smeralda- Campiglio. Since 1996 Gianni’s Restaurant has been an outpost of quality Italian cuisine in Thailand and in 2010 he received the GVCI chef of the year recognition.

Roberto Galetti, SINGAPORE
Roberto Galetti is a shining example of the figure of the contemporary Italian chef abroad. Now in his forties, born in Brescia, Lombardy, schooled in Italy, with work experience in London, Salzburg, Buenos Aires and Tokyo, he opened the Garibaldi Restaurant in Singapore in 2003. Since then, his professional status has moved ever upwards, not only as chef but also as restaurant entrepreneur. In 2009, his Garibaldi restaurant won the title of Restaurant of the year at the World Gourmet Summit, where, last year, he won the title of Chef of the Year. However, all along, the heart of his business has always been in Italian cuisine and especially in the Italian cuisine that he likes. He believes that the authenticity of the ingredients and the genuineness of the dishes are of highest importance. He enjoys cooking in a traditional manner, simple food, just what he likes to eat. He enjoys experimenting but then, he is not fond of using ingredients that are not part of the Italian culture.

Tony May, New York, USA
Throughout his whole career, Tony May, restaurant manager and restaurateur, has never ceased promoting Italian cuisine and products made in Italy. He has from the beginning been committed to raising the level of high quality Italian dining especially by means of the examples of his successful enterprises from that of the San Domenico on. Through the years, Tony has developed his own, very Italian style in the management of restaurants, a style that, since, dozens of colleagues have used as a point of reference.
Tony has indeed become a savvy businessman, but yet he enters his battles, for example the one for the authenticity of Italian cuisine and the one against the unpreparedness of oenogastronomic critics, with militant passion. A distinguishing connoisseur of Italian cuisine deeply versed in its history, he has always occupied himself with the education about the true nutritional tradition of Italy, be it for the consumer or for the professional of the sector. Although Tony has occupied himself almost exclusively in the USA, his career and his commitment are great examples for any entrepreneurs and culinary professionals who have set high quality Italian cuisine as the objective of their profession activity, no matter in which part of the world they are active in.

Angelo Minoggio, Milano, ITALY Chef Angelo (83) is now enjoying his retirement in Milan (Italy) after a long career that saw him at the helm of the kitchens of the Ussuri hotels, all round the world. Mr Minoggio was the forerunner of the current qualified Italian chefs working abroad. He was a globetrotting chef in the sixties and seventies of the last century, at a time in which in the majority of the Italian restaurants outside Italy there were improvised cooks often only equipped with their enthusiasm. Chef Angelo, in those years and since, won the respect and esteem of his brigades as well as of his foreign colleagues.

IC Worldwide Awards 2011 to Launch December 20

I am very pleased to share the following information with you. This will rock the World of Pizza as we know it!

Hosted by Peter Reinhart, new website serves as a virtual meeting place and resource for people with a passion for pizza and artisan food; site includes webisodes
chronicling the search for America’s great pizzas and pizzaiolos, recipes and video
cooking instructionals, expert guest blogs, and photo galleries

Two years in the making, with Peter Reinhart is set to go live on Monday, December 20, 2010. The website is subtitled “a journey of self-discovery
through pizza,” and that’s exactly what it is, according to host Peter Reinhart,
author of American Pie, My Search for the Perfect Pizza.

“We set out to find the great pizzas and pizzaiolos of America and discovered all
sorts of other amazing artisans, and found ourselves following unexpected paths to
unanticipated adventures. We soon realized that our pizza quest was about a lot more
than pizza,” Reinhart continued. is a joint venture between Pizza Quest and Forno Bravo, a leading supplier of pizza ovens, pizza stones and pizza-making supplies. “The Internet is
the perfect media to deliver Peter’s passion for pizza and the artisan food
movement,” said James Bairey, Forno Bravo founder and president. “We think breaks new ground for food lovers everywhere.”

The website features short video episodes or “webisodes,” as producers Jeff Michael
and Brad English call them. “Each week we’ll post a new segment that chronicles our
journey,” said English. “Some will be parts of a larger story arc that may continue
for a number of weeks, and some will be freestanding webisodes, such as our
discovery of an amazing fish taco place in Morro Bay called The Taco Temple.”

Michael added, “Together, the webisodes add up to a documentary that takes Pizza
Quest viewers on the proverbial bus with us.” The webisodes are also being edited
for later use as a 13-part television series, currently in development.

In addition, the site includes a recipe section, with video instructionals,
featuring some of the guest pizzaiolos filmed during the quests. There is also a
guest contributors section with thoughtful essays by invited experts and thought

“This site, while it focuses on pizza, is really a celebration of artisans and
artisanship, so the guest essays will cover a broad range of interesting topics,”
noted Reinhart. “I call it the ‘This is what I’ve been thinking about lately’
section, so it will get into the philosophical and metaphorical, as well as the
practical side of the quest.”

Every section of the site is designed for viewer interaction and community building. is aimed not only at the vast community of people who love pizza, but
also to anyone who loves the adventure of life and the search for excellence. can be accessed via or

About Pizza Quest
Pizza Quest: a journey of self-discovery through pizza, is a website dedicated to
the exploration of artisanship in all forms, wherever we find it, but especially
through the literal and metaphorical image of pizza. The site features webisodes
chronicling the pizza quest journey, recipes with video instructionals, guest
essays, member blogs and other resources. Peter Reinhart, award-winning cookbook
author and acclaimed baker, serves as narrator and primary host. Visit for more information.

About Forno Bravo
Founded in 2003, Forno Bravo is a leading global producer of Italian wood- and
gas-fired pizza ovens for residential and commercial use. Our ovens are made using
state-of-the-art methods and the highest-quality refractory and insulating
materials, and then shipped from our warehouse in Northern California. Visit for more information.

Why You Need A POS (Point of Sale) System

A POS (point of sale) System can save you money, time, and needless expense.
A point of sale system is a computer system that helps businesses track all of your sales and can help with inventory control, delivery and customer needs.

While using a cash register to track sales will tell you how much money you took in, you are only getting part of the picture.

A Point of Sale system eliminates the need to use paper receipts. A POS system totally removes the need for paper receipts which can be a nightmare to sort and file.

While you can get a good idea of your sales with a cash register, you are missing out on a way to have a complete picture of the types of food you are selling.

With software POS installed in your pizza restaurant you can not only tell you how much money you are taking in, but it can also tell you the types of food you are selling. Information on the exact number of pepperoni pizzas you sold on a given day will allow you to keep much better inventory.

Not only can a POS help you with inventory ordering but you can also tell the exact amount of sales done by a particular employee.

You will be able to track who is selling the most of certain items. You can then take this information and look at who your best employees are. This will aid you in discovering what they are doing right. In the long run this will only increase your business.

A pizza POS system can assist you with employee training. When used properly a POS system is the best method for business tracking.

Without a POS your server is running into the kitchen with a fist full of orders that need to be filled. With a POS set up properly, your employee only has to punch in a couple of numbers or code onto a computer screen and the computer does the rest.

The kitchen staff knows exactly how to prepare and fulfill the orders in the quickest way possible. With a POS in place you have totally eliminated an entire step in the ordering process.

This means the customer will get their food much quicker. A POS will also help you to eliminate errors. And customers will be delighted that they are getting their pizzas delivered to their table a lot quicker.

Happy customers will mean more repeat business for you and your business.

A pizza POS can help you manage your inventory and allow you to spend more time managing your restaurant.
Your POS software is a complete database for all of your restaurant needs.
So isn’t it about time you decided to take the plunge and Invest in a POS system for your pizzeria. It just makes total sense to run your business more efficiently. It will save you time. It will save you money. A POS system is the answer for your pizza restaurant.

The Art of the Pizzaiolo

Pizza! As a pizza professional you know how much the world loves pizza. And the Pizzaiolo, the master who creates pizza deserves to be celebrated. Now sculptor Jeff Tritel has done just that. He has created “Pizzaiolo,” a limited edition bronze sculpture celebrating Pizzaiolos everywhere! “Pizzaiolo” captures the art of the dough. Our Pizzaiolo is spinning pizza dough and that spin is shown in the spin of his body.

Here are Jeff’s words about his inspiration for  “Pizzaiolo,”

There’s an element of magic in spinning pizza dough and for me, images of joy, wonder, skillful execution and old world charm appear in my mind’s eye. To capture the feeling of spinning dough in a sculpture, I’ve given our chef a radical body twist that adds torque to the image. While I was working on the design I had visions of wide-eyed children, mesmerized by the spinning pizza dough and thinking, “this is soooo cool.” I know that for me the idea of spinning dough is so compelling that the spinner of that dough deserves to be immortalized in bronze.

“Pizzaiolo” is currently in pre-production. This means that the wax design is complete and we expect to have the first finished bronzes ready to deliver approximately March 1. During this pre-production time, we are offering “Pizzaiolo” at a special introductory price of $1,300 which includes the finished signed and numbered bronze sculpture and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. “Pizzaiolo” will be cast in a limited edition of only 200. That means that only 200 lucky individuals will ever be able to own “Pizzaiolo.” To be one of the lucky few, please visit our website.

You can learn more about  “Pizzaiolo,” here:

All About the Pizzaiolo sculture.


The pizzaiolo from Legends of Pizza

All About the Pizzaiolo sculture.

Un Americana Italia Interview

Sky Dylan Robbins is a filmmaker with an unbridled passion for food. you can hear it in her voice. You can feel it in her film.

Her latest project,  Un Americana in Italia chronicles her food adventures in Italy. The film is comprised of 12 different episodes. Each episode takes you on a different quest to discover the truth about food. She gives us an understanding of why we are so obsessed with food.

After watching a clip of her discuss pizza, I knew I had to interview her. She introduces us to  the master pizzaioli of Naples. This is the birthpalce of Pizza. Thanks for the introduction, Sky.

Her film tells us about ourselves and why our love affair with food will continue.

Sky takes you inside the underground secrets of how various food is produced. She also reveals the passions of those who create these amazing foods.

Food for Sky is magical. She celebrates the creation of food. She celebrates the consumption of food.

Eating and sharing food together is an event that deserves to be celebrated.

Here is a preview of her film:

In our interview Sky reveals the following:

  • How she started a love affair with Italy and Italian food
  • How she planned and executed her film
  • The magical events that allowed her to complete each episode
  • The truth about the Water Buffalo in Italy
  • Why Bologna is one of the most special food destinations on the planet
  • The inside secrets to the Best Flour in Italy, Caputo
  • The true passion of the master pizza makers in Naples

and much much more. Please listen to this interview, and download it if you wish.

I would greatly appreciate any of your comments about this amazing interview with Sky Dylan Robbins

You can listen to an incredible interview with Sky Dylan Robbins below. Download this interview for later listening

Right  Click Here (and save).



Learn How to Cook Authentic Italian Food

True story:
When I was a kid, I would watch my Italian grandmother's cook. They were wizards in the kitchen.
The never measured anything. They never used a recipe. But everything they made came out perfect.
I asked them a number of times to tell me their secrets… sadly I only learned one recipe, spaghetti sauce.
They both laughed when I asked them food related questions.
They could easily tell me what went into each dish.
But, they explained, they could not tell me the exact amounts.
They were not sure.
They did not know themselves.
They had never written anything down.
It was all permanently etched in their soul.
And that's how they cooked, from their soul.
My grandmothers created soul food. Italian soul food.
You can discover my grandmother's secrets, here:
They both gave me the following cooking advice:
"Put in a little bit of this and a little bit of that".

I told them I had no idea what they meant.

"Put in enough spice until it tastes right," they explained.
I always remembered what they said. I just wish there was a way for me to learn how they made their food taste the way they did.
I thought all of my grandmothers recipes had been lost.
Until now…
I recently discovered a resource which was like stepping back in time.
Picture yourself, having a priceless road map which shows you how to make
all of those old recipes of real Italian food with easy step by step directions.
I want to offer you an opportunity to discover this amazing resouce.
I edtied it, added some to it and renamed it.
I call it:  The Happy Italian Cook Book Becuse that's how my
grandmothers were when they cooked.
They were happy when they cooked. And you were happy when you ate their food…
And you always ate..Or else!
Here is where you can take a peek:
You can be cooking like my grandmothers cooked, immediately!
At that page you will read the story of how I learned to cook like my grandmothers.
I never did. Until now….
And you can have the same secrets that I have…
You can listen to a tale of Grandma Grande's cooking, here:
You can learn to cook like Grandma Grande,

This just in from our old friend, Tony Gemignani:

"The International School of Pizza has teamed up with Roto Flex and Wood Stone Ovens.

The school has expanded and now offers authentic Old World New York and New Haven certifications with its new Wood Stone Fire Deck 9660 Coal Fire oven.

Woodstone Oven

Woodstone Oven at International School of Pizza



The school now has the capability to teach students high production, gas, brick oven pizzas ranging from 6 to 22 inches.  With this expansion, the two ovens are next door to the original location and shares the space with one of San Francisco's newest concepts, "Tony's Coal Fired Pizza and Slice House".  Both of these ovens are monumental in the pizza industry. 

"When an operator fires an oven for the first time, you are usually scared to think when the oven will be seasoned enough to get the perfect bake.  By the time we cooked our third in both of these ovens, it was as if these ovens had been in my restaurant for 50 years." 

That's how good our pizzas performed and all my partners and employees were blown away." ~ Tony Gemignani

The school now has a total of six ovens and certifies in every style.

For more info please contact Nancy Puglisi at 415-835-9888 or visit   


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Hands On Pizza Workshops: Make Better Pizza

Boulder, CO­ September 13th, 2010, ­ The Fire Within, the nation's leading manufacturer of Mobile wood-fired pizza ovens announced today the first fall educational, hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs interested in live event pizza catering and concessions.

The workshop, designed and taught by "Fire Within's" founder, Joseph Pergolizzi, will include guest instructors. Participants in the two-day workshop will learn and practice insider secrets to making real pizza dough, and will have the opportunity to work with an authentic, Italian-made wood-fired pizza oven.

The course also includes essential marketing, food-safety and business techniques specific to the mobile wood-fired pizza oven concept. Registration, including all manuals and materials is $899.

 Participants are encouraged to pre-enroll at


The first fall workshop will be held on October 23rd and 24th at the 63rd Street Farm in Boulder, CO

"We're extremely excited to be offering another one of these workshops," said founder Pergolizzi. "Very few of the customers who purchase our mobile ovens have Pizza business experience. We have spent the last several years crafting a no-nonsense, easy-to-implement plan for success.

The workshops are very popular, we've trained over 50 people in our first year in offering this workshop."

Pergolizzi said the workshop can accommodate 20 participants and already has several registrations.

About Fire Within: FW was founded by Joseph Pergolizzi in 2005 and offers a turn-key business opportunity at a surprisingly affordable cost. The wood-burning ovens are manufactured by Forno Bravo, Italy's leading Pizza Oven builder and their portability platform was designed and manufactured in Boulder, CO. The company offers everything needed to start and succeed with a unique business concept ­ a mobile wood-burning Pizza Oven. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Contact: Joseph Pergolizzi Phone: 303-652-7378 Email:


For more information about pizza, discover more pizza secrets at: The Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog

Become A Pizza Champion Here

The following comes from Steve Lieber, Director of Operations United States Pizza Team.

Enter this contest:

"The competitions are Gluten Free Championship September 12 and the American Pizza Championship September 13, 2010."

Registration Criteria
You must be employed at a pizzeria, or have pizza on your menu at the time of competition.

Competition Criteria

  •  Competitor must bring own pre made dough, sauce, cheese and toppings for 2, 14-inch pizzas. On site refrigeration will be provided. (Contestants will have access to dough making equipment if necessary.
  • Oven testing will take place prior to first competition. Bring extra ingredients if you want to prove the ovens.
  • Dough trays and peels will be provided; competitor should bring any other needed tools.
  • The choice of pizza ingredients is strictly up to the discretion of the competitors.   There is no requirement that this pizza is on any existing menu but part of the judging criteria is that it be commercially viable.   Bring your best pie.
  • You must prepare and cook pizza in competition area.
  • Competitors will make 2 pizzas. They will decide which of the two will go to judges. The second will be given to audience for sampling.
  • Contestants must be at pre-competition briefing at 9 am September 5th.

Competitors must agree to judge criteria prior to competition. At the pre-competition briefing contestants must sign publicity waivers and rule agreement waiver.

  • All contestants will be assigned numbers and a drawing will determine order. Judges will be sequestered before drawing takes place.
  • This is a double blind taste test and numbers will be assigned to pizza in the order in which they are made.
  • All contestants must write and print a description of their pizza and provide recipe of ingredients and cooking instructions. This will be used during the judging of each pizza.
  • Contestants will remove finished pizza from oven and place on a pizza circle. At this time PMQ will take photos of chef with pizza, then the pizza will be taken to an area to have photos taken of the pizza itself.
  • The pizza will then be taken by a runner who will then take it to the judging area. Here the runner will read the description and recipe of the pizza.   The runner will then cut the pizza and allow each judge to choose a slice (piece).   The judges will grade the pizza, then the score sheets picked up, tallied, and held by head judge. The tables will then be cleared.
  • Contestants will give permission for PMQ to use photos and statements in any future media without obligation.

For more information:

For Additional Information Visit  or


Dom Demarco, Legend of Pizza

Dom Demarco is a true original. He is an old school pizzaiolo. He makes incredible pizza. He does it his way.

Here is what Adam said:

"The sauce, the crust, the toppings: … Dom Demarco" uses "the freshest and finest ingredients. He imports mozzarella di buffala from his hometown in Italy, makes a bright sauce daily from a mixture of fresh and canned San Marzano tomatoes, and balances ratios of crust, cheese, and sauce perfectly."


He makes his pizza because he loves his craft. He makes pizza from the heart.

From the Best Pizza in New York at Pizza Therapy,  comes the following:

"Pizza at Di Fara is so fresh and tasty. The dough is made with imported Italian flour, he uses not one but three cheeses (buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padana, and freshly-made sauce created from plum tomatoes and  he grows himself. The parmagion cheese is straight from the cheese grater and the basil is straight from the vine. It's great pizza, luscious cheeses, dripping with olive oil, and if you are lucky dotted with artichokes. The pie is fantastic: all ingredients are fresh, crust is thin and juicy! The biggest problem is finding parking space."


Here is video proof of his artistry:







The Reusable Pizza Box Interview

Billions of used pizza boxes pile up in landfills every year. Billions.

These pizza boxes cannot be composted due to grease.

Here's what William Betz told me:

Americans consume 3 billion, yes, 3 BILLION with a B, cardboard pizza boxes every year…in the 2 minutes you've spent reading this message…12,000 have been used…and they are NOT recyclable as they are contaminated with/ grease and foodstuffs…

There is a solution to the pizza box problem clogging our landfills. We can go green with our pizza. The answer is the hybrid pizza box. This innovation offers an alternative to just dumping used pizza boxes in the trash.

  Mike Sudia of  DMS Innovation is the inventor of the reusable pizza box.

Hybrid Pizza Box
The Hybrid Pizza Box

In the following interview, Mike explains how he came up with the concept of the reusable pizza box.

He also discusses:

  • Why he invented the hybrid pizza box
  • The 7 steps that cardboard boxes go through leaving a large carbon footprint
  • Why card board pizza boxes cannot be recycled or composted
  • How hybrid pizza box can be used over 1.000 times
  • How have consumers reacted to this pizza box
  • His first invention the "batting buddy"

Listen and/or download below:


If you are interested in the Reusable Pizza Box (The Hybrid Pizza Box), you can contact,

Mike Sudia at

DMS Innovation
416 Antelope Ridge Way     
City, State:  Danville,  California      94506 
Phone:  925-786-9054    Fax: 925-648-2402


pizza on earth,

Albert Grande

The Pizza Promoter



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Frank Pepe’s Supports U.S. Troops

North Haven Sons and Daughters of Italy Lodge #2805, in conjunction with The Original Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, is sponsoring a fundraiser for Holy Joe's Cafe'

Holy Joe's Cafe' is a non-profit that sends coffee to U.S. troops around the world via a network of deployed military chaplains. 

Coffee and monetary donations will be collected at The Original Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana on Wooster Street in New Haven throughout 4th of July weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 4 to 8 pm.  100% of the donations will be sent overseas to provide free coffee for the troops.  Y

You can get more info about Holy Joe's Cafe' at .  Join us at the pizzeria over 4th of July weekend and show your support for our troops!



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New York City Water Creates Perfect Pizza



New York City Water 'Flows' Downstream To Florida, Creating Perfect Pizza

South Florida Upscale Italian Restaurant Creates Real "New York" Pizza with Innovative Water Filtration System Replicating New York City Water

Palm Beach County, FL (PRWEB) June 17, 2010 — Anyone who has tasted real New York pizza, bagels and breads knows there's something special about them. For starters, they're lighter and crisper. This is thanks to award-winning New York water, famous for its purity and unique mineral characteristics that make it perfect for creating out-of-this world baked goods. Now, a new company is making this water available to restaurants and bakeries nationwide, and a South Florida fine Italian restaurant is the first to jump on board.

Palm Beach County, Florida-based Famous New York Baking Water Corp. has created a distinctive water system to duplicate the baking characteristics of New York water – only purer – making it possible for restaurants and bakeries nationwide to replicate the real flavors and textures of authentic New York-style breads, bagels, pizzas and other baked goods. Mamma Mia's Trattoria in Palm Beach County, Florida, is the first to scoop up this new system for its 220-seat restaurant, which serves around 250 covers per day.

Joey Lograsso, owner of Mamma Mia's Trattoria, says that his customers can't get enough of his New York pizza. "I was doing great before," says Lograsso, "but now my pizzas are flying out the door. I never dreamed I could have real New York pizza in South Florida. And thanks to the purity of the water, the flavors of all of my foods are enhanced."

Famous New York Baking Water Corp. offers a variety of systems scaled to the individual restaurant or bakery's usage needs. It teamed up with Fitness and Health CLA, one of the premier filtration companies in the water industry, to create this unique water filtration system that duplicates the precise baking characteristics of New York Water.

Anthony Vincent Liotta, who started making bread in his father's Brooklyn bakery at age eight, tested the water and was amazed at the difference. "I have been baking breads, pizza and bagels for over 35 years in New York and Florida. I couldn't believe the way the products came out using their water. The crust and textures were identical to the ones I used to make in New York. I was also impressed by how the water enhanced the flavor of the soups."

The water system can supply everything from small mom-and-pop pizzerias to wholesale bakeries that operate 24/7. The system can be installed as part of new construction or retrofitted into existing operations. Famous New York Baking Water Corp. is making it available nationwide, so that now restaurants, bakeries and pizzeria's from Palm Beach to Portland can serve real New York pizza, breads and bagels.

"This is not 'New York style' pizza, as many restaurants advertise," says Angela Bean, president of Famous New York Baking Water Corp. "Since our system replicates the necessary baking characteristics of New York water, you are getting authentic New York baked goods."

"What's amazing," says Bean, "is that not only is the water great for baking, it's also the healthiest and purist water in the world. It makes the flavors of everything it touches from soups to sodas really pop."

For more information on the Famous New York Baking Water Corp. visit or call 561-452-2922.

Media Contact:
Bruce Serbin
Reeves Laverdure PR

Ads By CbproAds

The $25,000 Pizza Recipe Interview

I was excited to hear the news that our friend  had made it to the finals of Food Network’s: “Ultimate Recipe Showdown”, 

I was very proud to hear our own Gail Churinetz, a winner of the Pizza Therapy Recipe Contest, was being featured on The Food Network.

Gail has been a long time supporter of Pizza Therapy   and she is like a member of the family.

Gail writes:

Hello Albert….

Just wanted to keep you posted regarding my Pizza making…..I am the one that won your competition several years back…I am going to be on Food Network “Ultimate Recipe Showdown”,  I made the finals and my recipe….. “Crawfish & Andouille Sausage Pizza”.


Gail the $25,000 winner with Guy

]Gail and Guy on the Ultimate Recpe Challenge


I was even more excited when Gail gave me the news that she had won, the “Ultimate Recipe Showdown”

I knew I had to interview her. And this exclusive interview follows.

Gail shares:

  • How she came up with the recipe
  • What she did to enter the contest
  • What she asked Flo Consiglio, wife of Sal Consiglio
  • Her secret ingredient that she took from Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Why this helps her make award winning pizza
  • What goes on behind the scenes at the Food Network
  • What she will do with her $25,000
  • Her other $5,000 bonus prizes as part of her winnings
  • Inside pizza tricks and tips
  • Her secret hobby and passions
  • Why you should enter your own recipe

Gail holds nothing back in this interview.

You can listen right here, or download it for later listening if you wish.

Listen below:

You can follow Gail on her Facebook page:

Gail Wallenta Churinetz

Thanks so much for this great interview Gail.

pizza on earth,

albert grande

The Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog


Gails $25,000 pizza recipe is now included in The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book: Unlock the Secret of Making Pizza


Who Are the New World Pizza Champions?

 Who are the New World Pizza Champions? 

Founding members Tony Gemignani, Michael Shepherd, Siler Chapman, Joe Carlucci, and Sean Brauser would like you to meet the newest members of the World Pizza Champions Team and are headed to Italy this

week for the World Pizza Championships  


Eric Corbin

Eric Corbin

2010 World Pizza Champion Member of the Year and 2010 World Pizza Games Winner – Grimaldi's, Tuscon, Arizona



Ryan LaRose

 National Champion – Pizza Acrobat – A Slice of New York – Columbus Ohio
 Pat Miller

Patt Miller

National Champion – Pizza Acrobat Owner/Operator – A Slice of New York Columbus Ohio
Steve Lieber

Steve Lieber

National Pizza Champion / Certified Pizzaiolo Pizza Classica, Miami Beach,  Racks Italian Bistro
(You can listen a great interview I did with Steve, at this link.

Audrey Sherman

Audrey Sherman

Certified Pizzaiola Napoletana – Tony's Pizza Napoletana San Francisco, California
Michael Bausch

Michael Bausch

Certified Pizzaiolo Pizza Classica / Owner Andolini's North Owasso, Oklahoma

Guilio Adriani – (International Member)


This year the World Pizza Champions consist of  over 50 members worldwide.  
Most members will be representing the US and home counties at the World Pizza Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy April 19, 20, 21
Naples, Italy – Master VPN Instructor and World Champion Pizza Maker. Andriani has won several International awards in Baking including the World Pizza Cup in Naples Italy 2008.
If you like the Wolrd Pizza Champions, you will love this great book, by Tony Gemignani:

pizza all over the pizza champs,
Albert Grande

Steve Lieber: World Pizza Champion Interview

Steve Lieber knows pizza….

He is a member of the World Pizza Champions. He has an incredible story to tell. In the following interview he tells his pizza story.

He explains how he got into the pizza business. He learned how to make pizza. He worked in a number of restaurants and decided he wanted to become a master pizziolo.

According to Steve's bio:

Over the years, Lieber established himself working in high volume restaurants that posed many challenges and soon found great success…A self-described “pizza fanatic,” Steve regularly travels the globe to attend conventions and further his knowledge of the industry to perfect techniques and capitalize on the latest in pizza trends.


You can watch Steve make his truffle pizza, here:




Listen to the interview with Steve below:

In the following interview, he explains how he:

  • learned to make pizza
  • how his passion for pizza led him to try to master the coal fired oven pizza
  • The differences between a coal fired oven and other pizza ovens in making pizza
  • how he met Tony Gemignani.
  • What happened to his pizza making, after attending The International School of Pizza
  • How he won the Best Pizza in the United States Award
  • He give lots of pizza making tips for the home pizza maker
  • He explodes the myth of using water to make pizza
  • Where he is going with pizza
  • How giving back to the community has helped his business

This is an incredible pizza interview. The highlight may be his "Babe Ruth" moment during a pizza contest.

Steve has many secrets to share and he holds nothing back in the following interview.

Steve Lieber is truly one of the Legends of Pizza.

Click play button to hear interview:


 Or use this player:









Late Breaking News from World Pizza Champions


This may be your chance to show your stuff at the World Pizza Games:

Once Again The World Pizza Games® Are Coming to Pizza Expo!

Check out the World Pizza Champions
On Tuesday, March 2nd we will open up the competition and invite you to
come compete in one or all of five events: Freestyle Acrobatics First
Division, Fastest Dough, Largest Stretch, Fastest Box Folding and
Longest Spin.


Fastest Dough: How fast can you toss out (5) 12" doughs!

Largest Dough: How big can you make 18oz of dough in just 5 minutes!

Fastest Box Folding: How fast can you fold (5) 12" pizza boxes?

Longest Spin: How long can you keep a dough spinning over your head?

Freestyle Acrobatics First Division& the Masters Division – With so many dough throwing acrobats getting better and better all the time, we have split the freestyle acrobatics into two categories: *First Division & *Masters Division.

*First Division – created for those up and coming acrobats who want to showcase their talent without having to go head to head against the masters of the sport. The finalists will face off at the World Pizza Games® Finals and Rockin' Party Wednesday night.

*Masters Division – created for those dough throwing acrobats that are the best of the
best. These masters will face off against each other at the World Pizza Games® Finals and Rockin' Party. Please contact the World Pizza Champions for more details for qualifying for this event.

Please Note: If you have won a world or international title in an acrobatic dough throwing competition in recent years you may automatically qualify for the Masters Division. Qualifying for the Master division may make you ineligible to compete in the First Division. If you feel that you may fit into this category, please consult with the World Pizza Champions before entering the competition.

Please see the rules for complete details.

The Daily Schedule of Events
Tuesday, March 2nd
10:00 a.m. Opening Ceremonies
10:15 a.m. Fastest Dough Trials
11:15 a.m. Top five winners announced
11:30 a.m. Individual Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing – Top 3 Winners Announced Immediately After Trials

Wednesday, March 3rd
10:00 a.m. Largest Dough Stretch Trials
12:30 p.m. Largest Dough Stretch Finals – Winners Announced at Finals and Rockin' Party
1:30 p.m. Fastest Pizza Box Folding Trials
2:00 p.m. Top Five Winners Announced
2:15 p.m. Longest Dough Spin Trials
3:00 p.m. Longest Dough Spin Finals – Winners Announced at Finals and Rockin' Party
6:15 p.m. ~ 9:15 p.m. World Pizza Games Finals and Rockin' Party – Including: Fastest Pizza Box Folding Finals, Fastest Dough Final, Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing Finals – First Division, Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing Finals – Masters and Awards Ceremony.


Check out the World Pizza Champions

Get your routine ready and come join the fun at the World Pizza Games®!

  Please visit or for more details and to download rules and entry forms.

Good luck to you.

This could a once-in-a-life-time opportunity.

pizza all over Las Vegas,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter



Jon F. Noted Pizzaiolo Tells His Secrets


Jon F. on the state of Pizza in New Haven, Italy and beyond!

Jon F.'s amazing pizza from


Jon F. has been around pizza his entire life. As a matter of fact member’s of his family owned an Italain Restaurant. It was not until he went away to college did his entire perspective of pizza change.  One of his friends took him to Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven and this event transformed his notion of pizza.

The first thing he noticed was the enourmous coal fired oven. “What manner of beast is this?” he wondered. As soon as he had his first taste of New Haven pizza, he realized, his total idea of pizza had changed, forever. He ended up going back again and again.

This taste of Pepe’s inspired him to go on a quest to discover incredible pizza. He started making his own pizza based on some of the pizza he tasted in his travels. He would eventually go to the West Coast of the United States and sample pizzas created by Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls. He was drawn to Italy to find some of the best pizza that country had to offer.  This is his story a story of pizza discovery.

I’m pleased to present to you a wonderful pizza interview. Noted pizza expert Jon F. shares all of his secrets including:

  • His take on what makes Pepe’s Pizza so special.
  • Inside information about  Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street 
  • The real secret to Pepe’s Pizza and Sally’s Apizza
  • Jon’s thoughts on Italian Pizza
  • The difference between Italian pizza and American Pizza
  • The Pizza of Portland
  • Apizza Scholls
  • Taste Bud
  • The most important thing you can do when you cook your own pizza.
  • more pizza tips and tricks.

Jon’s interview is informative, lively and interesting.

He is a pizza expert and he reveals many tips and tricks.

This interview is sponsored by The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.



Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

I love eating pizza. I love making pizza. I love promotng pizza.


Here is a video of making pizza at Paul S.'s woodfired oven on the North Shore of Oahu.

This was real North Shore Pizza…







Antony Mangieri: Pizza Perfection

Simply an amazing video about one of the most dedicatied pizzaiolo on the planet, Antony Mangieri. He drips pizza passion.

According to Chow, here is a description

An oven built by hand, tile by tile. Four pizzas on the menu, with no fancy-pants toppings. Anthony Mangieri does one thing at Una Pizza Napoletana, and he does it the very best way he can.










Anthony has now closed Una Pizz Napoletana. He will taking a break, but he will be making pizza soon.

Not soon enough as fas as Im concerned. Everyone who is interested in making pizza would do well to emulate Anthony.

pizza on earth,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter

Legends of Pizza: Volume 1 and 2

What can you learn from the Masters of Pizza?…

The Legends of Pizza Project is a series of interviews with the most influential pizzaioli (pizza masters) on the planet.

  • You will learn as Peter Reinhart explodes the myth of high gluten flour.

  • You will be astounded as Peter Reinhart reveals who really created
    Wolfgang Puck's Pizzas and the California Pizza Kitchen Menu

  • You will listen as Gary Bimonte (Pepe's) discusses for the first time:
    "The Birth of the Clam Pie!"

  • You will discover the true story of Frank Pepe

  • You can find out the biggest change at Pepe's in over 80 years!

  • You will be engaged as Chris Bianco explains his pizza philosophy

  • Chris Bianco will infect you with his pizza passion

  • You will find out Chris Bianco's future plans

and so much more…

 Here's what Ed LaDou said of Legends of Pizza:

"I received the Legends of Pizza CD, and listened to it in my car as I drove to work and back this afternoon. … Brian and Tony's interviews were great …They bothhad a lot of helpful and insightful things to say about the pizza craft…. my interview came out well. … I am very grateful I came out sounding like I knew a few things about pizza. You did a fantastic job on the CD and I couldn't be more pleased."
Ed LaDou on the
Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 ®


  Claim Legends of Pizza Volume 1 at this link: 

Claim Legends of Pizza Volume 2, at this link:

Get the transcripts of the recordings, here:


 Legends of Pizza E-Book

 Here's what noted Pizzaiolo jon F. had to say about The Legends of Pizza. Click below:

Albert Grande Interview of the BBC Chile

I was recently interviewed by the BBC in Chile.

They were interested in Pizza Therapy. They wanted to konw how it started and why I loved pizza.

Thank you BBC, Chile. I appreciate the opportunity to share my passion for pizza. Thanks for allowing me to explain Pizza Therapy.

during the initial interview, everything I said was translated into spanish. Both the questions and the answers.

This interview does not contain any of the tranlations.

Pizza Napoli: Italian Pizza

Pizza is a universal language. There is no doubt about it.

Let's travel to Naples Italy, the birthplace of modern day pizza Watch and learn as the pizzaiolo make pizza.

Each part of the process is given amore and passion.

You will be astounded by the following video. Sure it is totally in Italian.

And there are no subtitles. But honestly it does not matter. Watch and learn while Legends of Pizza create a masterpiece.

I love this video, and I love pizza.

These are the true Legends.

This is pizza form the heart.

pizza on earth,

albert grande

And if you have not gotten this book yet, you need to really click below to order it.

My friend Peter Reinhart  went on a journey. He called it Ameican Pie: My Search for the perfect pizza.


How to Get Into the Pizza Business

  If you ever thought about getting into the pizza business I have a resource with inside tricks and tips about the pizza business.

 Hi my name is is Albert Grande, owner of Pizza Therapy, a resource for pizza. I have been featured in three books about pizza, been on radio, television,  newspapers, magazines, and of course the Internet.

  I know about pizza. As a matter of fact, I was recently given the name: "The Pizza Promoter".

I have interviewed the best pizzaiolo (pizza masters) in the world.

Over the years, I have gotten hundreds of emails from people, just like you,
wanting information about getting into the pizza business.

I would research their questions and answer it. After a while, I noticed that I had collected a vast amount of information that would be very valuable for anyone who wanted to know about the pizza business.

Here are some of the actual questions:

  • Where can I find the best pizza dough recipe?

  • How do I find a pizza place for sale?

  • Should I buy a franchise or a mom and pop pizzeria?

  • How can I learn more about the pizza business?

  • How can I get my pizza business questions answered for free?

I have put together all of my pizza business resources,
 tips and secret information for the first time.

Here's what John Arena of Pizza Metro in Las Vegas said:


"At last there is a comprehensive collection of resources that will guide aspiring pizzeria owners. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran this report will save you time and money. Finally all the answers are available in one easy to use collection"

John Area, Owner Metro Pizza Las Vegas


You can listen below to a preview of The Pizza Buisiness Papers.

To find out more, you can go to this link:

The Pizza Buisness Papers

Sicilian Style Pizza from Brooklyn


This is the type of Sicilian style pizza I grew up with.

You could get this only at certain Italian Bakeries and Pizzerias.

This is very different for the Neapolitan style pizza most people are used to.

This pizza is in a class all by itself.

The taste is incredilbe. The spices and suace add much to the flavor.

The follwoign video, gives yuo step by step instructions to create your own Sicilian style pizza




Now thats a pizza! And for more pizza resources, I recommend Pizza Today:

Chef Michael Gerard puts together a wonderful pizza in his test kitchen.

His Wildwood Pizza oven is the key. He shows how to form the dough and put on ingredients. Note also the unsual tool that he uese to turn the pizza.

The key to great pizza is to cook it quickly and completely. Chef Michael also gives you some hints on what to look for in the crust. You are looking for a brownish color in the crust.

Also of note is the pizza wheel that he uses to cut his pizza. It is an oversized wheel which makes cutting the pizza very easy.

Simply amazing pizza!


If you don’t own your own wood fired pizza oven, the next best thing is a pizza stone. I recommend this one right here:

pizzi on earth,

albert grande, the pizza promoter

How to Toss Pizza Dough With Tony Gemignani

My friend Tony Gemignani is a pizza master. He is an 8 time World Pizza Champion. He is an author, business man, Legend of Pizza, and all around good guy.

Without a doubt he knows how to toss pizza dough. more importantly, he is able to teach how to toss pizza. He has the ability to break down this seemingly complex task into small learning chunks.

the follwoing video illustrates for you how to hand toss pizza. Watch the video several times until you feel comfortable with the technique. Then go make some dough and learn how to toss your own pizza.

One of the best feautres is that Tony explains the art for both right handed and left handed pizza tossers.

Here is his greatest tips on tossing pizza:


Thanks, very much Tony.
You are the pizza master.

I want to encourage you to pick up Tony’s new book called “Tony and the Pizza Champions”.

You can get a copy right here:


pizza on earth,
albert grande
Learn to How to Start Your Pizza Business, Here.

How Frank Pepe Started in the Pizza Buisness

In the following interview, Gary Bimonte, Frank Pepe’s granson explains how Frank got into the pizza business.

He started to make his pizza at a bakery where he worked. He began by selling the pizza’s from a “pizza hat”.

He would store the pizzas in a hat on top of his head and then he would walk around to local markets shouting: “Abeets, abeets”.

With the money he saved he puurchased a push cart. He then again saved all of his money and purchased the bakery where he once worked.

Listen as Gary explains the whole story of how Frank Pepe started in the pizza business:


If you are interested in the Pizza Business, you may want to check out this pizza business resource, The Pizza Business Papers.

pizza everywhere,

albert grande
Pizza Therapy

Wood Fired Oven at apizzo pizzeria

I’ve said this before about Stefan Ambrosch is the next super star of pizza. He is incredible.

He is a dedicated pizzaiolo. He creates his pizzas to perfection. His pizzas are awesome. These are memorable pizzas. The kinds of pizzas you can’t get out of your head.

The kind of pizzas you dream about. Incredible pizza. And makng these high quality pizzas is no accident.

Stefan has studies his craft. He makes his pizzas in a wood fired oven. Stefan’s pizzas are some of the best pizzas I have eaten.

In the following interview Stafan explains why he uses wood to make his pizza.


If you get a chance, visit apizzo.
They are located in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.
Here is their website: apizzo

Here is a great wood fired pizza oven resource:

pizza forever,
albert grande
Pizza Therapy

Saturday Night Pizza from

On any given Saturday you will find me in my kitchen making pizza. We know how  to make homemade pizza. We make a lot of pizza. We eat a lot of pizza. For this particular night on making pizza we made a number of different pizza including: a portuguese sausage pizza. Portuguese sausage is big in Hawaii. We also made a portobello mushroom pizza and an anchovy and tomato pizza. We had a great time.



You can easily make your own delicious homemade pizza. Subscribe to Pizza News, and get a copy of my pizza dough recipe. Discover how to make pizza dough, here. pizza on earth, albert grande Pizza Therapy

Chef Carl Oshinsky, Pizza Gourmet Interview

What Your Mother Never Taught You, The Pizza Gourmet Will

There is no doubt that Chef Carl Oshinsky was ahead of his time. Way ahead. Long before there was a Cooking Channel, Chef Carl, had a pizza show on PBS television. Unfortunately, he missed the wave. Now there are many shows that feature pizza, but Chef Carl was the first. His show featured his vision of pizza. He has a unique spin on the entire process.

In this interview, we discuss his uniqe spin on what makes pizza special. He discusses pizza stones and why you need them, to create excellent pizza.

As a matter of fact at one time, Chef Carl was in the business. He sold pizza stones all over the country. He is recognized as one of the true originals in the world of pizza. His toppings and pizza creations are really very much outside the usual pizza box. But that is what makes him special and unique. His pizzas are simple, yet elegant. His ingredients are the finest available. He knows what he likes. The most interesting part of the interview for me, was when he discussed his own pizza business.

He becomes a traveling minstrel of pizza. He is a hired gun of pizza. He comes to your house and sets up a temporary pizza shop. He give lots of tips and information about how this business could work for the right person.

This was a great interview and I know that you will find lots of useful tips, and tricks. Here is Chef Carl's website: The Pizza Gourmet. You can also find many different pizza tools available.

You can also get a copy of his book: What Your Mother Never Taught You, The Pizza Gourmet Will. Also be sure to check out all of the incredible recipes, videos and pizza information. His site is a gold mine of pizza knowledge. Let me know what you think…. pizza on earth, albert grande Make Pizza, Be Happy

How to Make Pizza Dough

If you like pizza, you can learn make your own pizza at home.

This video will show you easy step by step instructions how to make pizza dough from scratch.

Making pizza is not hard at all. you start with basci ingredients: flour, salt, yeast and water. That’s it.

I use a little olive oil in my dough as well as some sugar. You can easily omit the sugar and olive oil. as a matter of fact the last several times I have made dough I completely omitted the sugar.

The dough came out fine.

Whan you make dough, you turn simple ingredients into something incredible.

When you make pizza, you make magic.
Learn to make pizza and make magic in your kitchen.

Here is the video:





For more pizza tips and tricks, get a free copy of my pizza dough recipe and other pizza recipes.

Go to: Pizza Therapy, and Claim My Free  Pizza Recipe.

You can also learn to create your own amazing pizza.
Check out Pizza Therapy

pizza on earth,

albert grande

The World Pizza Champions Are Legends of Pizza

World Pizza Champions

The World Pizza Champions are a team no like no other.

They are dedicated pizza professionals who are a mission to spread the word about pizza. They are dedicated. The are talented. And they are all about making fun while they make pizza.

They all come from differnet backgrounds and experiences. They each have their own individual strnegths. But together as a team they maky synergy happen.

That is the strength of the team is greater than each individual part. You gotta love America’s Pizza Team.

They are:

  • Tony Gemignani & Ken Bryant of Pyzano’s Pizzeria in Castro Valley, CA;
  • Michael Shepherd of Michael Angelo’s Pizza in Kenton & Rushsylvania, Ohio;
  •  Joe Carlucci of NY ;
  • Siler Chapman of Donato’s Pizzeria in SC and
  • Sean Brauser of Romeo’s Pizza in Medina, OH.

You can learn all about the latest of the World Pizza Champions at their website.

Each member has earned the highest awards in several different categories in the pizza industry, Food Network, and Tony Gemignani & Joe Carlucci are inducted into the Guiness Book of World Records.

They are considered by many pizza operators worldwide as professionals and pioneers.

Each member is a pizzaiolo in his own right. Each member owns a pizzeria, where they have honed their craft, reaching pizza perfection.

Make sure you check them out to see if they will be on tour in a city near you.

each member of the team is a true Legend of Pizza.

pizza on Earth,
to the Pizza Champions,


P.S. You can grab a copy of Tony G.’s new book all about The World Pizza Chamions right here:

Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria the Interview

Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria


Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria is a video guide of step by step instructions on how to make pizza.

Bev Collins is an unusual pizza master. First she never had pizza until she was sixteen. Next her first pizzas were out of the box kits. Not something you would expect from a pizza expert.

You can listen to an  interview with Bev at the end of this post

 Her passion for baking soon became evident. She had many life adventures and a number of professional experiences.

Her invlovement with pizza continued to grow. She became involved with a National Pizza Chain, working in their research and development section.

She was forced to learn the inside tricks of making pizza.

She shares this knowledge in her video tutorial, Secrets Inside the Pizzeria. You can get your own copy at at this link.

I have a copy and I like it. It gives some great tips on creating pizza.

  • Bev explains the best pizza stone
  • She gives great tips about what kind of flour to use
  • Where to find the right flour
  • Cheese blends you can use
  • Excellent step by step directions to make dough
  • Some inside tips on why your dough needs to be cold
  • Why you need to proof your pizza

And you can claim your copy of Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria here.

Listen to the Bev Collins interview, below:

A Visit to Lombardi’s, Little Italy, New York

The oldest pizzeria in the Untied States continues

The tradition started by Gennaro Lombardi.

Excellent pizza created by master pizzioli.

The coal fired oven is a key ingredient to this amazing pizza. Thin crust Neapolitan pizza cooked to perfection.

Lombardi’s does not disappoint. The pizza is excellent.


From The History of  Pizza from Pizza Therapy:

The first American pizzeria was opened in New York in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi.  This restaurant ( Lombardi’s) is still in operation today. The pizza is baked in a coal burning oven with the same recipe Gennaro Lombardi brought from Naples in 1897.”

For more pizza adventures, get some Caputo flour:


Una Pizza Napoletana Closes, for Now

Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza, Napoletana.







Famed Pizzaiolo Anthony Mangeri on right.

The pizza world is in a state of shock: Una Pizza Napoletana has closed. There has been much speculation as to why.

Famed pizzaiolo and Legend of Pizza, Anthony Mangieri, recently explained at his website:


Thank you to everyone who has supported us over all these years.

I’ve closed Una Pizza Napoletana in Manhattan and am taking some time off.

After some time away, I’ll decide where Una Pizza Napoletana will re-open.

Stay tuned friends.

Anthony Mangieri”

Adam Kuban od Slice  asked Mangieri directly.  Here is his response:

“I’ve been working making bread and pizza, first in Jersey, then in New York City, since 1993, and though I loved doing both things in both places, I am going to take a little break,” Mangieri said. “I’m scared and excited all at the same time. I know a lot of people think I’m crazy and stupid for doing this now. But it kind of makes sense for me at this moment.”

You can read a review of Una Pizza Napoletana at the Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog.

The New York Times reported the closing, calling Una Pizza, the most meticulous pizzeria in New York. Here is the story.


Thanks so much, Anthony. We all wish you luck in your next pizza adventure.

albert grande
Pizza Therapy


From apizzo Pizzeria Napoletana, Pawcatuck, CT. Incredible pizza, wonderful ambiance, wood fired oven. This pizzeria rocks! Stefan and his brothers are an amazing pizza family. Produced by Pizza Therapy .  Go to Pawcatuck and see one of the rising Super Stars of pizza. Stefan is an amazing pizzaiolo. Tell him Pizza Therapy sent you…

Here is an incredible fact about Stefan: he’s been making pizza for less than 3 years. He has mastered the art of pizza in a very short time. I predict that with time his pizza will just get better and better.

He is the next super-star of pizza. He has passion, he has heart. He shares this passion in every pizza he creates.

Visit apizzo, you will not be disappointed, at all.


pizza in pawcatuck,

albert grande
Make Pizza Be Happy


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